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How to weave a basket of willow


How to weave a basket of willow</a>

Willow grows everywhere on the banks of rivers, ponds, marshes.

From this cheap material, a variety of things are made: trays, vases, bowls, baskets and even stylish garden furniture.

You will need

  • - Willow rods-
  • - knife-
  • - cutting pliers-
  • - beater-
  • - Column-
  • - template (pot or bucket).



Prepare the material for weaving. The preparation of willows can be done all year round, but the best vine is in the spring before the flowering begins. At this time, the branches are flexible and supple, with them it is easy to remove the bark. Also very good material grows to August, by this time the will grow long and even shoots.


The best rods for weaving areAnnual shoots, whose diameter is 10-12 mm. Branch the willow with a sharp knife. Immediately remove the bark from them. Then, clean the rods for 5-7 days in the air to dry.


If you harvest the material in the fall, or branchesDry before you are going to remove the bark, the rods need to be soaked for a few days, and then steamed in hot water. After that, the branches of the willow are immersed in cold water and cleaned of the bark.


You can weave from solid rods or from, soCalled, ribbons, that is, branches of willow, split into strips. You can do this with a simple sharp knife or with a special device - a scoop. The thickness of the tapes depends on the product and how you intend to use it. For small baskets designed for storing different things, ribbons 2-3 mm thick will suit, and items for picking berries, fruits, mushrooms or storage need to be weaved from strips 5-7 mm thick, or from whole rods.


To weave a basket, take 8 rods. In the middle in the middle, make incisions, fold them together and insert 4 twigs into the cleft. Thus, you will get the base cross.


Take 2 thinner rods and stuff the crosspiece with a figure eight, that is, one rod is on top of the base, the other is from below. Do 2-3 rows.


Spread all the base bars. You will get 16 rays. Add another branch so that the number of beams of the stem is odd. Continue to make a bottom, braiding each beam with two twigs eight. When you get the bottom of the required diameter, add 16 more base bars (one does not need to add to the 17th), fix them in the bottom. In total there should be 33 twigs.


Choose a pattern that you will weave. This can be an ordinary pan or a bucket. Put it on the bottom and bend the branches of the base up. Collect them over the template in a bundle and bandage.


Then the racks need to braid double or tripleRope (figure-eight) in the same way as weave the bottom. The rods should be as close as possible to each other. Push them to each other with a special device - a beater. It should be quite massive and at the same time narrow, so that it can fit freely between the racks. If the working branch is finished, substitute the next one, and hide the ends inside the product.


After you dopplete up to the required valueWalls of the basket, remove the template and seal the board of the product. To do this, hold the rack for the next two and slide it between the bars of the basket wall. Then do the same with all the other racks. Remove excess protruding tips of the vines with a knife.


Attach the handle to the basket. Take the rod, sharpen it on both sides. Insert it into the sides of the basket. Now take a bunch of thin rods and insert them next to the handle base. Circle the stem of the base with a bundle of willow branches, trying to keep them as flat as possible. Doplytete to the end of the handle and tie it with a knot. Cut off excess parts of rods with a wire cutter or knife.

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