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How to weave baskets from willow

How to weave baskets from willow

Willow grows everywhere on the banks of rivers, ponds, swamps.

This inexpensive material produced a variety of things: trays, vases, baskets, baskets and even a stylish garden furniture.

You will need

  • - Willow prutya-
  • - knife-
  • - kusachki-
  • - kolotushka-
  • - kolunok-
  • - Template (pan or bucket).



Prepare material for weaving. The blank willow can be done all year round, but the best vine - in the spring before flowering. At that time, branches are flexible and supple, with their easy to remove the bark. It is also very good stuff grows in August, this time at the willow grow long and straight shoots.


The best bars are plaitingannual shoots with a diameter of 10-12 mm. Willow branches cut off with a sharp knife. Immediately remove from their bark. The cleaned rods soak 5-7 days in air to dry them.


If you have material harvested in the fall, or branchesdry before you are going to remove the bark, twigs need to soak in for a few days and then steamed in hot water. After that, willow branches dip into cold water and clean of bark.


Tat can of whole bars or socalled, tapes, ie willow branches, split into strips. This can be simple with a sharp knife or a special device - kolunkom. The thickness of the strips depends on the product and how you are going to use it. For small baskets for storing different things suit tape thickness of 2-3 mm, and products for picking berries, fruits, mushrooms or storage is necessary to weave strips of 5-7 mm, or from whole bars.


To weave a basket, take the 8 bars. 4 In the middle make cuts, add them together and insert the rod splitting 4. Thus, you will cross the base.


2 Take a thin rod and starting to braid crossbar eight, then there is one rod - top of the base, the second - from the bottom. Make a 2-3 series.


All bars spread the bases. You get 16 rays. Add another branch to the number of rays bases odd. Keep doing bedplate, criss-crossing each beam rods with two eights. When will the bottom of the required diameter, to 16 bases and the bars add another one (the 17th to add is not necessary), secure the bottom of them. Total should have 33 rod.


Pick a template on which to weave. It may be an ordinary pot or bucket. Place it on the bottom and bend the branches foundations up. Collect them on the pattern in the beam and tie.


desk Then you need to double or triple braidstring (eight) in the same way as the bottom of a woven. The bars try to have as close as possible to each other. Customize them to each other special attachments - beater. It must be massive enough and at the same time narrow that could freely fit between the posts. If the working branch end, substitute the following, and the ends of the hide inside the product.


Once the necessary values ​​to dopletetethe walls of the basket, remove the template and seal the board product. To do this, stand rewound for the next 2 and Push it between the bars of the basket wall. Then do the same with all the other posts. The extra speakers vine tips cut off with a knife.


Attach the handle basket. Take the rod, sharpen it on both sides. Insert it into the side of the basket. Now take a bundle of thin rods and put them next to the basis for the handle. Obveyte rod beam foundations willow branches, trying to lie as flat as possible. Dopletite until the end of the handle and tie a knot. The extra part of the rods, cut the wire cutters or a knife.

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