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How to weave baskets from newspapers


How to weave baskets from newspapers</a>

Unnecessary waste paper, accumulated at home, you can turn into a nice basket for useful trifles.

And often the products made from newspaper tubes are very similar to real baskets woven from the vine.

You will need

  • - newspapers magazines-
  • - ruler-
  • - stationery knife-
  • - spoke-
  • - PVA glue-
  • - acrylic paints-
  • - water-based varnish-
  • - any capacity (as a form for weaving).



Prepare the straws for weaving. Cut newspaper and magazine sheets into long strips in widths from 5 to 9 cm. The wider the strip, the thicker the tubes will become.


Roll the straws. Put a strip at an angle to yourself, attach a metal spoke to the bottom corner and begin to twist a dense tube, holding the workpiece with your fingers. Drop a bit of PVA glue on the corner and fix the tip of the tube, remove the spoke. The tube should turn out to be uneven: one end is thinner, the other - thicker.


For weaving a fairly longTubules, so couple a few into one. To do this, lubricate the thin tip with PVA glue and insert it into the other tube (into its thicker side). Do not make the blanks too long, since weaving from them will be quite difficult. Tubules can be grown in this way and in the process of weaving baskets.


Paint the details with acrylic paints in the necessary colors. Allow the paint to dry. Sometimes you need to apply several layers so that the typographic font is not visible.


After the paint has dried, proceed directly to the weave. Start with the bottom. Take 8 tubes. Divide them into 2 pieces of 4 tubes each and fold perpendicularly to each other.


Take one tube, fold it in half and wrap it with 4 blanks on either side, where it will be more convenient for you. It will be a working tube, which will need to braid the base.


Flesh the base with a tube of eightThere is one part of the tube above, the other - from below. When braiding the next side of the base, on the contrary, the part that was on top should be placed under the base tubes, and the part that was below should be braided from above and so on. Perform in this way 3-4 circles, depending on the size of the future basket.


Now divide the base into 2 tubes in each part and move them apart at equal distance between the resulting rays. Finger the base with a working tube to the desired size of the bottom.


Take the form. It can be any plastic bucket, glass vase or a simple plastic bottle. Put the form on the bottom. To make it more convenient to work and the structure does not move, put the load in the form.


Fold the base tubes up and divide them byOne? In this way the racks are obtained. Finger each of them with a working tube of the figure-eight, as described above to the desired value. Then pull out the shape. If the length of the tube is not enough, put a little glue of PVA inside the tip and insert the next workpiece.


Draw the edge of the basket. The rack is bent to the right, start the next one and push the extra tip between the working tubes along the wall of the product. In the same way, do all the racks. Cut off all unnecessary cuts with a clerical knife and hide in a weave.


Cover the basket with two layers of water-based varnish. And the previous layer should dry well before applying the next one.

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