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How to weave baskets from newspapers

How to weave baskets from newspapers

Unwanted trash that has accumulated at home, can be turned into a lovely basket useful things.

And often products made from newspaper tubes, is very similar to the real basket, woven from vines.

You will need

  • - newspapers magazines-
  • - lineyka-
  • - stationery knife-
  • - spitsa-
  • - PVA glue-
  • - acrylic paints-
  • - Varnish on the base of a water
  • - Each container (as a mold for weaving).



Prepare tubes for weaving. Cut sheets of newspaper and magazine in the long strip width of 5 to 9 cm. The wider the band, the thicker tubes are obtained.


Roll the tube. Lay the strip at an angle to itself, attach to the bottom corner of the metal needle and start to twist tight tube, holding the workpiece with your fingers. Sprinkle on a little corner of PVA glue and secure the tip of the tube, remove the needle. The tube should get rough: at one end - thinner, with a different - thicker.


To weave needed quite longtubes, so connect several into one. To do this, the tip of a thin brush with PVA glue and insert it into another tube (in its thicker side). Do not make the workpiece too long, as the weave of them will be quite difficult. Tubules can be build in a similar way in the process of weaving the basket.


Paint with acrylic paints in detail the necessary color. Allow the paint to dry. Sometimes you need to put a few layers to a typographic font was not visible.


Once the paint is dry, proceed directly to the weaving. Start with the bottoms. Take the 8 tubes. Divide them into 2 parts for 4 tubes in each and fold perpendicular to each other.


Take one tube, fold it in half and wrap it 4 blanks on either side, where you will be more convenient. This will be a working tube, which will need to braid basis.


Criss-crossing the basis of the working tube eight, theis one of the top tube, the second - from the bottom. When opletanii following fundamentals side, on the contrary, the part that was on top, should be placed under the foundations of tubes and part of that was the bottom, should braid on top, and so on. Run 3-4 thus range depending on the future baskets.


Now divide the base for 2 tubes in each part and spread them at an equal distance between the beams will get. Entangling the basis of the working tube bottoms to the desired value.


Take the form. It can be any plastic bucket, a glass vase or a simple plastic bottle. Put the form on the bottom. To make it easier to work and design is not shifted, put the goods in the form.


Bend the tube bases up and divide themone? thus are obtained the rack. Entwine each of them eight working tube as described above to the required value. Then pull the form. If the tube is not long enough, apply a little inside tip of PVA glue and paste the following piece.


Arrange the edge of the basket. Rack bend to the right, get the next one and stick one extra tip between working tubes on the wall of the product. Likewise, do all racks. All neatly cut off unnecessary office knife and hide in weaving.


Cover the basket with two layers of varnish, water-based. Moreover, the previous layer must dry thoroughly before applying the next.

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