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How to weave a nest

How to weave a nest

Easter - the ancient holiday, which is alwaysaccompanied by certain traditions and rituals, among which the most famous ritual - a painting of eggs, which people give each other a gift in honor of the holiday. However, as a gift in honor of Easter can be presented not only the egg, but Easter nest, which has long symbolized home comfort and well-being for people.

In addition, a beautiful wicker nest can be used as decoration for painted eggs.



You will need the willow, dried grass or urine,and feathers, wire neutral shades and two kinds of pliers. From wire bend cross-frame for future nest, and then take a thin wire and shape of it coiled round frame, overlaying coils.


Woven into the frame of willow branches, fixing them with wire thin gray or brown. Use willow different lengths to nest It looks beautiful and natural. Configure nest so as to have a free rounded shape. These nests never have a perfectly round shape, so do not try to repeat the form of a circle - add your crafts element of spontaneity and randomness of nature.


Some of the tips of the twigs of willow tuck inside and secure with wire, and other tips leave out, straightening them. Place nest on pre-harvested or stand on a beautiful plate, Cover the bottom of the nest with grass and additionally braided his bast, creating volume.


Decorate nest feathers and lay eggs into Easter. this nest It is a perfect gift for your Easterfriends and family - make it easy, so you can create multiple festive gift for your loved ones. These jacks can decorate your home interior on the eve of putting them on the table at the time of the Passover meal.

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