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How to weave chamomile from beads


How to weave chamomile from beads</a>

Lovely and tender daisies can be admired not only in the summer.

A bouquet of flowers woven from beads will remind you of your favorite season.

To make a daisy is quite simple, even an aspiring needlewoman will cope with this work.

You will need

  • - beads of white color - 2 g-
  • - beads of yellow color - 0.5 g-
  • - beads of green color - 2 g-
  • - wire-
  • - Threads of a mulina of green color-
  • - scissors-
  • - cutting pliers-
  • - PVA glue.



Make the middle of a daisy. Cut a piece of wire 15 cm long. String it on 8 yellow beads and close in the ring, stretching the end of the wire through the first bead of the row. Then string another 1 bead and pass through the fifth bead of the resulting ringlet.


At the longer end of the wire,Beads and arrange this series along the circumference. Wrap the working end of the wire around a second, shorter one. Type 8 more beads and lay them along the first ring. Try to keep the beads tightly to each other.


For the petal, cut the wire 40 cm long. String on it 16 beads of white color, thread one end of the wire through the first bead of the row. The first petal is ready. Similarly make 8 more petals of a camomile. Twist the remaining ends of the wire.


Attach the middle of the daisy to the petals. Collect the ends of the wire from the petals and the middle under the daisy and twist them tightly enough.


To make chamomile leaves, take a piece of wire 40 cm long. String 1 bead of green color in the middle of the wire. Fold it in half. Then, on both ends of the wire, string 3 beads.


At one end of the wire,Beads. Then back off from the extreme bead and thread the wire through the 2 beads in the opposite direction. Do the same on the other side of the wire. At both ends, dial 2 beads.


Then make one more branch. String 5 beads on one end of the wire, pull away from the extreme bead and stretch the wire through 2 beads in the opposite direction. String another 3 beads on the same end of the wire, make another branch of the leaf, retreating 1 bead and stretching the wire through 4 beads in the opposite direction.


Make a few more branches of the leaflet according to your desire. Similarly, weave 2 or 3 leaves for chamomile of different sizes.


To the wire under the flower, attach the copperA wire with a larger diameter, so you get a stalk. Attach the leaves to it, placing them in staggered order. Wrap the wire tightly with threads of mulina in the tone of leaves, grease them with PVA glue and allow to dry. To make a bunch of chamomiles, make a few flowers of different sizes.

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