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How to weave a daisy beads

How to weave a daisy beads

Sweet and delicate daisies can be admired not only in summer.

A bouquet of flowers, woven beads, will remind you of your favorite time of year.

Weave a daisy quite simply, the job will cope even novice needlewoman.

You will need

  • - Beads white - 2 r
  • - Beads yellow - 0.5 r
  • - Pearls green - 2 r
  • - provoloka-
  • - Thread floss green colors-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - kusachki-
  • - PVA glue.



Make the middle of a daisy. Cut a piece of wire 15 cm long. Nanizhite her 8 yellow beads and close in a ring, put forth the end of the wire through the first bead of the series. Then another 1 nanizhite bead and pull through the fifth bead resulting ringlet.


At the longer end of the wire 8 nanizhitebeads and place this number in a circle. The working end of the wire wrap around a second, shorter. Dial 8 more beads and place them along the first ring. Try to keep the beads lying close to each other.


For the petal cut a wire length of 40 cm. Nanizhite her 16 white beads, thread one end of the wire through the first bead of the series. The first petal ready. Similarly take another 8 daisy petals. The remaining ends of the wire twisted.


Attach to the middle of a daisy petals. Gather the ends of the wire from the petals and chamomile for midway and twist them tight enough.


To make chamomile leaves, take a piece of wire 40 cm long. Nanizhite 1 green bead in the middle of the wire. Fold it in half. Then, on both ends of the wire nanizhite 3 beads.


At one end of the wire 3 still nanizhitebeads. Then depart from the very beads and thread the wire through the two beads in the opposite direction. Do the same on the other side of the wire. On both ends of the dial 2 beads.


Then take another branch. String on one end of the wire 5 beads, at all turn from beads and pull the wire through the two beads in the opposite direction. Nanizhite another 3 beads on the same end of the wire, take another branch leaf, departing 1 bead and wire stretched through 4 beads in the opposite direction.


Make a few more branches leaf of your choice. Similarly weave 2 or 3 leaves of daisies of various sizes.


To wire a flower attach copperlarger diameter wire, so I will stalk. Attach it to the leaves, placing them in a checkerboard pattern. The wire tightly wrap the floss thread to match the leaf, brush them with white glue and let dry. To get a bunch of daisies, make a few flowers of different sizes.

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