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How to weave bracelet with name


How to weave bracelet with name</a>

A bracelet with a name is an original and exclusive decoration, and made by own hands, it is doubly expensive.

There are several ways to weave bracelets from beads with a name, the simplest ones - a cross and a way of weaving.

You will need

  • - fishing line or waxed thread-
  • - beads of two or more shades-
  • - Weaving scheme.



Make a scheme of weaving the future bracelet. To do this, on a sheet in a cage draw a rectangle, the number of cells in which should be equal to the number of beads in the bracelet. Paint cells for a schematic drawing of letters with a felt-tip pen of contrasting color.


Calibrate the beads. Choose beads of the same size with a fairly large hole, so that a waxed thread or line can pass through it freely. Spread it in shades in different capacities.


One of the most simple ways of weavingBracelet - a cross. Fold the waxed thread (fishing line) in half and string 4 beads on it. In the most extreme bead thread the second end of the thread and tighten it into the ring. Then string on the left end 2 beads, and on the right - one bead of the primary color.


Thread the right end of the thread through the second bead withLeft side and tighten. Braid in this way to the required length. Next, weave according to the scheme, stringing in the right place beads of contrasting color to form the letters of the name according to your scheme.


To make a wider bracelet, string onOne thread 3 beads, and the second end pass through the third bead. As a result, it turns out that both ends of the thread come out of the side beads of the first row.


Then string on the right side of the thread 2 beads, andOn the left - 1, through it, thread the right end of the thread to the left, that is, as a result, the sides will switch places. Then thread the thread through the beads on the side of the first row and tighten.


String on the right and left side of the thread onOne bead. Stretch the right end through the left bead and the side bead of the first row, tighten the thread. Continue weaving to the desired length similarly to this according to the scheme, changing the beads where necessary.


To make a bracelet with the name methodWe must first make a special machine. Ornaments made with it will turn out to be neat and smooth, in addition, your work will accelerate several times.


For this you can use cardboardBox, on the edges of which attach tailor's pins. To them, bind the warp threads, which must be one more than the number of beads in the ornament. Tension the warp threads not too tightly, but not too weak (threads should not sag).


Cut the waxed thread (or fishing line). String on it the necessary number of beads, according to your scheme for the rows. Fasten the end of the thread with the beads to the extreme warp thread on the machine on the left side.


Twist a string, stretching a string with beadsHorizontally through one warp thread, first the needle is located above, then under the base and so on. Row to straighten and do the next in the opposite direction, that is, thread the beads on the thread and pull them through the warp threads, as described above.


Finger in this way to the required lengthBracelet, fasten the last bead. Remove the warp threads from the pins on both sides of the machine. Put all the strings together and tie it with one knot. To make the strings, distribute the threads into 3 equal parts and braid the regular pigtail on each side of the bracelet. Make another knot at the ends of the strings.

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