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How to weave a basket of Easter eggs made of cloth

How to weave a basket of Easter eggs made of cloth

Such a plate for a nice Easter eggs you can easily weave of the fabric is flat.

She can decorate a festive table or to donate, if you are invited to visit.

You will need

  • - Thick cardboard
  • - Knitted cloth-
  • - Klein
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Sisal or straw.



Cut plate template from cardboard. Size: you can choose at their discretion. Cut out a lot of knitting fabric strips about the same width.


Take one strip and tie a knot at its end. Insert the knot between the two lobes at the base plate and begin to braid them, then passing the fabric from the top, from the bottom of the blades.


When the strip of cloth is finished, glue it to the tip of one of the blades. Take a new strip, tie the knot again and continue to braid.


After the third or fourth strip gentlyLift the blade to get the shape of the plate. Strongly not contracted to the top not to pinch. Continue to braid until you reach the desired height of the plate. Thoroughly lubricate the glue. Allow to dry thoroughly. Then cut the excess cardboard.


Put into the prepared dish or sisal straw and put the Easter eggs. Easter dish is ready!

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