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How to wear rings

How to wear rings

The position of rings on the hands of women can give a complete picture of its inner world.

As well as their correct location will make your hands more attractive.

On the thumb ring is usually worn veryexpressive and energetic people, passionate and passionate. According to astrologers, is wearing the ring on the thumb can somehow restrain the ardor of man. On it is best to wear brass rings.

On the index finger often wear ringspeople are modest and shy. It is believed that Jupiter forces that belong to the finger, make a person's confidence, improve internal strength, enhance self-esteem. This finger is recommended to wear rings made of tin or gold.

A person who lacks good luck in life,it is recommended to wear a ring on the middle finger. Also, if there is some kind of ring, passed down from generation to generation, it too must be worn on the middle finger. It is believed that wearing ring on this finger helping easier to survive the difficulties and hardships. It is best to wear a ring of iron.

On the ring finger is best to wear, as well as onindex finger, gold and other precious metal rings. The ring on her left hand ring finger symbolizes that a person is free and ready to start a relationship. On the right-hand ring is said that the man is already married.

For those who lack the courage or skillI reveal your own, it is recommended to wear a ring on the little finger. Astrologers believe that wearing a ring on his little finger to help carry out important negotiations or business meeting. However, psychologists believe that those who wear the ring on the little finger, often lying and prone to adventures.

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