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How to wear lenses

How to wear lenses

Those who wear contact lenses for a long time, no longer remember how it is - do not know how to wear them?

Everything is so simple that, over time, the process becomes automatic and routine. As if to brush your teeth or make tea.

But beginners are always quieter if there is a clear recommendation.

You will need

  • Neutral soap
  • Clean towel
  • Container
  • The universal solution for contact lenses



Wash your hands with mild soap, free of foreign particles and impurities.

Dry them. If you use this towel to note that it is not left on your fingers tiny villi. They can get on the outer surface of the lens and injure the mucosa century.


Sit in front of a mirror. Prepare the case with lenses and a solution with a special liquid to disinfect them.


Open one of the case and remove the lens.

You can use special soft tweezers, and can allow the lens? Stick? to the pad of the index finger of your hand.

Use your right hand to put the lens on the left eye and the left, to put it right.


Bring the lens of the eyes and see if it is turned inside out?

To determine this, you can for her form. Inverted lens like a soup plate, with curved edges, the lens in normal position, resembles a bowl, with a uniformly round off the edges.

Check for damage on the lens? Smooth whether her edge? Do not stuck to it mote?

Rinse the lens in the lens solution. Well, if the inside of the lens will be a few drops of the solution, it will help her start a softer contact with the eyeball.


Holding the lens on his right index finger, middle finger and index finger, pull the left upper and lower eyelid of the left eye. Look up and bring the lens to the eye.


Gently lean the lower part of the lens to the bottom of the eyeball.

Close your eyes and then blink a few times. This will help the lens to take a comfortable position.


Repeat the same procedure for the right eye.

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