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How to wear invisible hair

How to wear invisible hair</a>

Invisibles for hair are irreplaceable helpers of modern women of fashion.

They can create a beautiful hairstyle, and if they match the color of the hair, it will feel like the hair is holding itself. They can also be attached to a chignon or a wig.

The invisible is an excellent accessory that can give the image a romantic feel.

To create your hairstyle useInvisibility is very easy. You can imperceptibly correct the outstretched hair from the pigtail, they can fix the hair "basket", when creating a "pony tail" to smooth out the "cocks".

To achieve the result, you only need to unscrew the invisible with one hand, while the other to hold a naughty lock and fix the hair in this way.

And if you want to decorate your hair, thenWill require decorative invisibility. They are offered modern jewelry stores in large quantities. It can be an invisible just beautiful color or with rhinestones.

If you prefer to wear loose hair,Then you can attach the invisible on either side of the hairstyle, collecting a small string. Lock beautiful invisible curled or curled strand on the background of straight hair - a fashionable and good idea.

Beautiful look invisible on the hair, laidWaffle iron. Still it is possible to dream up, waffle iron on all head separate wands, the laid strands can be collected by means of invisible in graceful flowers and patterns from hair.

If you have a fringe, with the help of 2-3 invisibleYou can open your forehead, remove the bangs back. This hairstyle is very relevant. Another bang can be divided into the parting or laying on one side, in this case, beautiful invisible claws are very appropriate.

A huge popularity of hairdo"Malvinka". It is very easy to make: choose from the right and left sides of the head two small strands and fasten them on the back of the head with invisible objects. If the selected strands curl a little, this will only benefit the hair.

Invisible is a very fashionable, beautiful and accessible accessory. Do not be afraid to experiment!

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