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How to wear invisible hair

How to wear invisible hair

Invisible Hair - is irreplaceable helpers of modern fashionistas.

They can create the perfect hairstyle, and if they are suitable for hair color, it is the feeling that keeps hair itself. Also, they can fix the hairpiece or wig.

Invisible - a beautiful accessory that can give the image of romance.

To create your hairstyle useStealth is very easy. You can seamlessly adjust the stray lock of of braids, they can fix her hair, "basket", with the creation of a "horse's tail" smooth "roosters".

In order to achieve the result just need to let go with one hand invisible, while others hold unruly lock of hair and secure in this way.

And if you want to decorate your hair style, itrequire fine invisible. They offer modern jewelery shops in large numbers. It may be invisible simply beautiful colors and with rhinestones.

If you prefer to wear loose hair,you can attach invisible from either side hairstyles gathered a small lock of. Secure the beautiful invisible twisted or curled lock of hair on the background of direct - a fashionable and good idea.

Look beautiful invisible on the hair, stackedwaffle iron. You can still dream, waffle iron to curl the entire head separate strands laid strands can be assembled with the help of invisible in elegant colors and patterns of the hair.

If you have bangs, using 2-3 stealthYou can open the forehead, clean bangs back. This hairstyle is very urgent. More bang for the parting can be distributed or put to one side, in this case a beautiful hairpins stealth very appropriate.

Enormous popularity of hair"Malvinka". It's very easy: select from two small strands and attach them to the back of his head invisible right and left sides of the head. If the selected strands of a little curl, hairstyle from this benefit.

Invisible - this is a very stylish, beautiful and all available accessories. Do not be afraid to experiment!

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