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How to wear and mix bracelets correctly

How to wear and mix bracelets correctly</a>

None of the women's box without jewelry and costume jewelry can not do, among which the bracelets occupy an honorable place.

A modern girl can afford to have a few such things, because it is not enough for a stylish image of one jewelry on her wrist.

Fashion trends from women require skill notJust choose the right bracelet, but immediately combine in one outfit a few. On the one hand, it opens a huge space for self-expression and experimentation, on the other - increases the risk of destroying the entire image and making mistakes. One small mistake can throw you from elegant and stylish ladies to the ranks of those who head the list of tastelessly dressed people.

To avoid this, it is enough to rememberA few rules that relate to how to correctly combine the bracelets. And the first thing that needs to be learned: this fashion trend does not suit all the girls. If the girl has wide wrists, it is better to confine oneself to one ornament, which most advantageously masks some massiveness of the hand.

If the brushes allow you to experiment, thenBoldly get down to business. There you have to learn how to play. Alas, the general rules on the combination will not be allowed to immediately find the best option. The main limitation concerns the selection of bracelets in one style: not the best solution, it often looks simply boring. On the contrary, try to find unexpected contrasts. Choose bracelets of different textures, made of opposite in rigidity and other parameters of materials, contrast patterns and colors.

The correct decision will be prompted by your ownTaste and experience, so do not worry if you make mistakes first - you will learn to catch the line between bad taste and perfection over time. The main thing is not to lower your hands, but to decorate with bracelets.

Do not combine bracelets that belong toTo different times of the year - for example, it is better to leave the plastic for the summer, and in winter the heavy stones look brighter. Still be careful with silver and gold ornaments: it's best to leave them the right to dominate your image.

In the rest, there is one easy rule: the smaller the monotony, the better it will turn out!

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