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How to wear a transparent blouse

How to wear a transparent blouse

A few years ago a transparent clothing was fashionable seasonal accent. Today it has become a popular trend, which is happy to wear a stylish girl.

To the ensemble with a transparent blouse receive revelation, but not vulgar, supplementing it correctly.

Transparent blouse in business style

Transparent chiffon blouses - excellentAlternative bored cotton shirts. Blouse perfectly dilute strict office image, it makes you more feminine and romantic. In order not to make trouble in the male counterparts head, pick up the thing properly and competently to finalize working ensemble.
For the great day of work fit blousesclassic colors. For example, the elegant and modest look brown, black, beige product. Also note chiffon sweaters with simple prints: polka dots or a thin strip.

Choosing a transparent blouse for the office, refuse sophisticated prints and bright colors. Stripes and polka dots should also pick up reserved. For example, in pastel or classical scheme.

Under transparent blouse pick the rightbra or tank top. Best Mode - linen beige without any decoration. Such bottoms fit perfectly under the blouses of all colors. If a black jacket, you can wear identical color underwear / jersey. On top of the transparent blouses in this case, be sure to use a jacket.

Transparency for every day

Transparent cardigans are a great elementeveryday style. In this case, the combination is much more embodiments. Also wider range of blouses: Admit to your wardrobe with bright colors and unusual prints.
A gentle way to help create a pastel sweaterscolors: pink, peach, beige, ivory, etc. Under them better to pick up an identical or similar color underwear.. An excellent option would be an elegant bustier bra or retro. As the bottom can perform multi-layered full skirt, shorts, tight pants. Also, a transparent blouse can be combined with a terse simple cut dress.

Spectacular bras in retro style - an excellent base under a transparent blouse. This lingerie looks impressive, but not pretentious or vulgar. You will feel beautiful and stylish girl.

More passion in your way will add transparentjackets bright colors. Red and orange blouse safely combine with a dark bottom. Under color of trousers / skirt and try to trim the top / shirt. The jacket fastens not completely, but only a few of the lower buttons. The most spectacular colors: black, dark blue, graphite. Combined with intense shades, they will make your way cocky.
If sincerity - not your thing, combinetransparent blouses with conventional. For example, wear them over slim line concise shirts, tight shirts. In the color ratio, choose contrasting combinations: yellow with black, red and beige, blue and orange. Solid combination better be only bright blouses / pastel colors.

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