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How to wear a stable heel

How to wear a stable heel

Shoes on a massive steady heel often gives more confidence feminine gait. Typically, such a model is preferred for large shoe and obese women.

Hardly a charming plump is easy to carry on your heels dvenadtsatisantimetrovoy.

Egg development in the legs look more toned in such shoes, and much easier to move.

If we talk about how to dress any longerapply this style of shoe, it is impossible not to mention the dresses made of thick fabric in the "country" style. Bright and asymmetrical patterns in free style, just get lost if they wear with ballet flats.

The beauty of sustainable heel lies in the fact that, despite its apparent solidity, a feeling of lightness when walking evident even on gait.

Autumn - time elongated cardigans and woolenshortened boots. It is harmonious with low boots just look shapeless hoodies and long woolen skirts. In addition, the rainy weather on the streets blurred boots on steady heel is the most practical option, besides more and stylish.

Style skirt-shrinkable sheath made of thick fabric,one of those suitable kits, which can also be worn with a short jacket and a suede heel stable. Retro style of dress - the best combination for the high thick heel.

However, thin legs massive sandals and shoes look rough. In this case, alternative - an elegant wedge.

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