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How to fasten your stockings to your belt


How to fasten your stockings to your belt</a>

For a long time, stockings were an indispensable element of women's costume and were considered just underwear.

Now they were replaced by functional and simple pantyhose, and stockings themselves became erotic lingerie.

Modern stockings are divided into two subtypes: self-holding, with an elastic band on the top edge, and without elastic bands, fastened to a special belt.



Put on stockings. First gather them with your hands from the edge to the toe,Then, slowly letting go of his hands, pull on his leg, making sure that the seam (if any) remains on the inside. Spread the stocking on the leg according to the pattern of the fabric, so that it does not twist.


Belt for stockings can be worn over panties or under them, there is no principle in this matter. At the heart of the choice is your comfort. Put it on as you like.


From the belt a few rubber bands (ideally withEach side of three), similar to bra straps. At the end of each rubber band there is a clamp. Attach it to the stocking so that the bottom flap is on the underside of the stocking, and the top on the front side. Elastic bands should be placed straight, do not twist along the entire length. For this, fasten them strictly perpendicular to the top of the stocking line.


Adjust the tension of each gum. Pull up to the desired height. Keep in mind that in any case, even the most reliable stockings Slightly slide down.

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