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How to wear a seat belt stockings

How to wear a seat belt stockings

For a long time stockings were an indispensable element of women's costumes and considered just underwear.

Now they were replaced by Bole functional and simple tights, stockings and themselves moved into the category of erotic lingerie.

Modern stockings are divided into two subtypes: samoderzhaschiesya, with elastic along the top edge, and without gum, clip-on a special belt.



Wear stockings. First, gather with their hands from the edge to the toe,then, slowly releasing your hands, pull on the leg, making sure that the seal (if any) remain on the inside. Spread the stocking on the leg on the fabric pattern, so that it is not twisted.


Suspender Belt can be worn over pants or under them, the principle in this case is not. The basis of selection is only your comfort. Wear it as you want.


From the belt moves a few rubber bands (ideally withthree on each side), similar to the bra straps. At the end of each clip there is gum. Attach it to the stocking so that the lower wing was on the wrong side of the stocking, and the top on the front side. Gum should be placed straight, not twisted along its length. To do this, fasten them strictly perpendicular to the line of the top of the stocking.


Adjust the tension of each gum. Pull up to the desired height. Please note that in any case, even the most reliable stockings bit will slide down.

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