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How to wear a hood


How to wear a hood</a>

Each season, fashion offers a variety of familiar clothes in a new quality.

For example, relatively recently, long hats-caps were introduced into fashion.

If you are one of those people who want to be in a trend, to match fashion trends and have got yourself such a headdress, you probably wondered: how to properly wear it?

There is no unambiguous answer to this question.

But the general principle is this: the more original you put on the hat-cap, the better.



There are several recommendations on how to wearCap-cap. Designers created a model of a cap with long "ears", which is similar to a fur hat. If your growth allows you, you can dissolve the ears of this headgear and wear it with any suitable clothing - for example, with a jacket or with a coat.


You can also wrap the long ends of the cap-capAround the neck. It will be something like a shawl or scarf. It looks funny and original. In addition, this hat will further insulate you in the cold season. Wear a hat-cap with clothes in the style of "military", as well as with sports clothing.


In addition to the models of hats in the form of hats, this year inFashion long hats that resemble a cap of a fairy-tale character or even a sock. These funny hats often have bright and juicy colors. They are great for students, schoolchildren or children. If you do not mind a little fool, you can try on the image of a funky freak.

How to wear a hood


Wear a long hat with any suitable clothing,Freely lowering the hood forward or back. Gathering the hat on the forehead with the accordion, bend it several times. Try to put on the cap slightly on one side so that the long tail of the hood descends to your shoulder. A long hood can be worn in another way. If your hat is made of thin threads, you can tie it with a knot. And if you like extravagance and shock, put on this hat with a glamorous outfit.

How to wear a hood


Hats-caps are often decorated with pompons orWith brushes. Also on these headdresses can be a few small brushes or pompomchikov, or one big pom-pom. With these ornaments, the cap-cap is more convenient to wear, since they help to give it the right shape in the best way. Caps with pompoms are very nice looking at the fragile girls, who in them look like such tomboy. If you like such an image, safely put on such a hat.

How to wear a hood


To the long hats-caps are also suitable mittens, sweaters and multi-colored ugg boots. This dress is perfect for a mischievous dress or short skirt with bright pantyhose.

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