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How to wear a hood

How to wear a hood

Each season offers a variety of fashion clothes familiar in a new way.

For example, recently in vogue long caps - caps.

If you are one of those people who wants to be a trend, meet the fashion trends and bought yourself a hat, you probably wondered how to wear it correctly?

In this respect there is no single answer.

But the general principle is: the more original you wear a hat, a cap, the better.



There are a few tips on how to wearcap-cap. The designers created a model hats with long "ears", which is similar to the earflaps. If you allow your height, you can dismiss the "ears" of the headgear and wear it with any appropriate clothing - for example, a jacket or a coat.


You can also wrap the ends of the long cap-caparound the neck. You get something like a shawl or scarf. It looks funny and original. In addition, the cap further insulate you in the cold season. Wear a hat, hood with clothes in the style of "military", as well as sportswear.


In addition to the models in the form of caps ushanok, this yearlong fashion hats that resemble cap fantastic character or even a sock. These funny hats often have a bright and rich colors. They are ideal for students, school children or children. If you do not mind a little bit naughty, you can try on the image of a fun-filled freak.

How to wear a hood


Wear long cap with any suitable clothes,freely dangling cap forward or backward. Having collected a hat accordion on his forehead several times bend it. Try to put a little hat on one side, to the long tail cap down on your shoulder. Long cap can be worn in a different way. If your cap is made of thin threads, you can tie it into a knot. And if you like extravagance and outrageous, put this cap with a glamorous dress.

How to wear a hood


Caps-caps are often decorated with pompoms ortassels. Also, these hats can be a few small brushes or pompons or one large pompom. With such a cap-hood ornaments to wear more comfortable, because they help to give it the desired shape well. Hats with pom-poms look very nice on the fragile girl, who they look like a sort of urchins. If such an image you like, feel free to wear a hat.

How to wear a hood


For a long caps of the cap also suitable mittens, sweaters and colored ugg boots. This dress is perfect for mischievous dress or short skirt with bright tights.

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