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How to wean a wavy parrot bite


How to wean a wavy parrot bite</a>

Wavy parrots are very impressionable and emotional birds, which quite clearly demonstrate their mood and attitude towards a specific person.

In particular, they can do this with the help of bites, thus showing fear, dislike, excessive excitement and other emotions.

How to behave with a parrot that bites

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First you need to understand why your parrotBegan to bite. There are several reasons that should be taken into account. Wavy parrots can behave this way during moulting, because of lack of attention, because of fear, or they can thus play or defend their territory. The choice will also depend on the reason for solving the problem. For example, if it is only a temporary phenomenon, it is better to just wait.
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You can also start to give the parrot moreAttention, talk more often with him, put him in the cage special toys, which he can peck. If you understand that the parrot simply protects its territory, try not to shove your hand into the cage when the bird is there.
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Do not start screaming loudly at all.Parrot, when he bites, and, of course, do not beat him. The blow can greatly scare the bird, and stress in this case is fraught with great trouble. Shouts will be inappropriate for another reason: parrots love loud sounds and often publish them, so if you scream, a bird can perceive it as a signal to action. Unfortunately, in this way the owners sometimes, without understanding themselves, accustom their pets to bite. Try to persevere and calmly endure the pain. Take your hand away without touching the bird.
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How to get the parrot to stop biting

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To disaccustom the parrot bite, it is necessary to forceIt is correct to react to the word "impossible", pronounced in a certain tone. As soon as the bird bites you, quickly drive it away and strictly say: "You can not." From the first time, of course, the parrot will not understand anything, but after 4-5 repetitions it will learn that the word "impossible" means "you need to stop doing something". In the future, you will also be able to wean him from many other prose in the same way.
In some cases it is appropriate to try slightlyClick the parrot on the nose. This does not apply to situations where you have to deal with a pugnacious bird or a pet that protects your cage, otherwise you risk getting the parrot angry, and it will start to bite even more vengefully.
If the parrot behaves incorrectly during the game,Try to quickly switch his attention. This will help to solve the problem quickly and easily. In the future, you will learn how to immediately distract the parrot as soon as it starts biting you, after which the bird will eventually forget its unpleasant habit and will behave better.

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