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How to wean budgerigar biting

How to wean budgerigar biting

Wavy parrot - very impressionable and emotional birds, which are very clearly demonstrate how your mood and attitude toward a particular person.

In particular, they can do it with the help of bites, thus showing fear, hostility, excessive excitement and other emotions.

How to behave with a parrot who bites

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First and foremost you need to understand why your parrotI began to bite. There are several reasons to be taken into account. Wavy parrots can behave in such a way during the molt, due to lack of attention, because of fear, or they may thus play or defend their territory. From the reasons will depend on the choice of a way to solve the problem. For example, if it is only a temporary phenomenon, it is best just to wait.
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You can also start paying more than the parrotattention, often to talk to him, to put him in a cage special toys that he can bite. If you realize that the parrot just protecting their territory, try not to thrust his hand into the cage when the bird is there.
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In no case do not start to shout atparrot when it bites, and, of course, do not hurt him. The blow can greatly frighten the bird, and the stress in this case is fraught with great trouble. Shouts be inappropriate for another reason: parrots like loud noises, and themselves often publish them, so if you scream, the bird can see it as a call to action. Unfortunately, so owners sometimes without even realizing accustom your pet to bite. Try to firmly and quietly endure the pain. Otdernite hand, without touching at the same bird.
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How to force a parrot to stop biting

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To wean parrot biting, you need to makeits right to respond to the word "can not", said a certain tone. As soon as the bird will bite you quick drive away, and it is strictly say. "You can not" From the first time, of course, the parrot does not understand anything, but after 4-5 repetitions learn that the word "no" means "need to stop doing something." In the future you will be able to in the same way to wean him from many other pranks.
In some cases, appropriate to try a bitclick the parrot nose. It does not apply to situations where we have to deal with the pugnacious bird or pet that protects your cells, otherwise you run the risk of angering the parrot and he will begin to bite in retaliation even stronger.
If the parrot wrong to behave during the game,try to quickly switch his attention. This will help to quickly and easily solve the problem. In the future, you will learn to immediately divert a parrot as soon as he starts to bite you, and then the bird eventually forget their nasty habit and will behave better.

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