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How to wean adult cat shitting

How to wean adult cat shitting

A cat that does not go into the tray, and celebrates his need around the home can be a real problem for the hosts.

The smell of urine is very corrosive, and even after the general cleaning of the room will not smell fresh.

If you do not want to bump into puddles in the most unexpected places, try to wean the animal from this addiction.

Clean - the guarantee of health

that delatesli cat shitting in the beds
To begin to understand what motivatesyour pet to foul in the wrong places. First, check the tray. Cats - clean animals, and if not time for them to clean up, they simply find another place for the toilet. Also make sure that the cat constantly have access to the tray, none of the home of forgetfulness does not close the door to the room where it is, and it does not block your belongings. There is a chance that the cat just did not like the filler, or the place where the toilet is located - there may not be enough safe according to your pet. Experiment and, probably, you will be able to choose the option that will please both you and the animal. The very flat wash with detergent, preferably having a citrus or lavender fragrance. In those places where the cat was celebrating his need, arrange bowls of water and food. The animal will not shit where they eat, and the cat will have to accept your choice.
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Adults uncastrated animals oftenleave the apartment label that will tell any stranger that this territory is occupied. The causes of this behavior may be different: the move to another apartment or buying new furniture, new baby, arrival of guests, the presence of other cats in the neighborhood. You can either remove the source of your anxiety of the animal, or try to break him of this habit. Painless, but very effective punishment would be the water spray. Buy a water gun and always keep it close. As soon as you saw that the animal is intended to leave its mark, release the offender in a stream of water. After a few days, most cats understand what is required of them. If you do not plan on getting the offspring of your pet, an effective way to solve the problem is to castration.
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A cat can shit all over the apartment and duemalaise. Urinary tract infection can make urination process is very unpleasant, and the animal, trying to avoid the pain, will try to discover new corners of the apartment, where, as it seems, it is possible to empty the bladder, and it does not experience discomfort. Show pet veterinarian, who will take the blood and urine of a cat, do ultrasound and prescribe the necessary treatment. Recovery cat will solve your problem.

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