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How to wean a child from the TV

How to wean a child from the TV

Most parents are familiar with the situation when the child sits all their free time watching TV.

Sometimes we do expose children to such a non-stop viewing. But the way out is always there.

It is only necessary to have patience.

Best option for young childrenage - it's complete isolation from the TV because the first two years of the most active life of the kid, and television can be harmful to the natural development of the child.

Children of middle and older age may watch TV, but it is desirable that they all looked the same educational programs.

If your child still sits behind the TV a long time, the output is definitely there. The solution should be gradual and consistent.

To begin with, note how long it spendsyour child is watching TV during the day. The next day to shorten viewing time of 10-30 minutes is necessary to do so until such time as the result will not be achieved.

Always turn off the TV if it is turned on for background noise, because the TV at some point will attract the child's attention.

No need to turn on the TV the child when he eats.

It is necessary to remove the TV from the children's room, as the child can turn on the TV without your knowledge.

Make a schedule mode of the day, that the child had no time for watching TV (walk, sleep, developmental activities, games). Can the child take additional classes in the sections or circles.

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