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How to disable the child from the TV

How to disable the child from the TV</a>

Most parents are familiar with the situation when the child is sitting all his free time at the TV.

Sometimes we ourselves push the children to such a non-stop viewing. But there is always a way out of the situation.

You just have to be patient.

The most optimal option for children youngerAge - this is complete isolation from the TV, as the first two years of the baby's life are the most active, and television can harm the child's natural development.

For middle-aged and older children it is possible to watch TV, only it is desirable that they still watch cognitive programs.

If your baby still sits behind the TV a lot of time, then the output is definitely there. The solution of the problem should be gradual and consistent.

To begin with, notice how much time expendsYour child is watching TV for the day. The next day you need to reduce the viewing time by 10-30 minutes, so it is necessary to do it until the moment the result is achieved.

Always turn off the TV if it is turned on for background noise, because the TV at some point will attract the attention of the child.

There is no need to turn on the TV for a child when he eats.

You should remove the TV from the nursery, as the child himself can turn on the TV without your knowledge.

Make a schedule for the day, so that the child does not have time to watch TV (walking, sleeping, developing classes, games). You can take the child additional lessons in sections or circles.

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