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We make up the guest list for the wedding

We draw up the guest list for the wedding

When you start to plan the wedding, then, of course, sooner or later come to discuss the question: whom to invite to a celebration.

This is not a simple matter, as often occurs on its soil of a large number of differences between the bride and groom.

Also in this issue often pour fire parents who definitely want to invite your colleagues and old friends, to boast of what they have lovely children.

It is important to know the basic rules that will help you make a list of guests and to avoid problematic situations:

1. We think. It is necessary to count on a number of guestscalculated your budget. After that, 50% of places in the list you leave for your friends, and 25% give each pair of parents. Be sure to clearly inform parents of how many guests they can invite.

2. Sort. Getting to the formation of the complete list. In the beginning put a group of people who are your immediate family (mother, father, brother, sister, etc.) will be included in the next group of your close friends, then you can list all the others.

3. Clean. Always work with the list starting from the end. It is advisable, if you decide that you need to shorten the list of people ten, it is better to do it in groups, for example, "colleagues from work," "distant relatives", that was not sorry to those of the subgroups still came to the celebration in as invited guests.

4. Check. Whenever you make a decision, invitehuman or not, the question arises. Remember, if you have communicated with a person for a year, feel free to call him to the celebration. If the connection has been lost and you almost do not remember it, then it should not even think about his presence at the wedding.

5. The rule of "+1". Do not forget that visitors tenddo not come alone, and this time also plays an important role in drawing up the list. Otherwise, the situation may occur that the guests would be one and a half times more than you are invited.

6. Black list also needed. It is necessary, if your surroundings are people that you do not want to see the wedding.

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