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Remove stains from red wine


During the festive feast can occurAn unpleasant surprise in the form of stains from red wine. One careless movement and on the clothes, tablecloths or sofa appear pollution, spoiling the appearance of the product. However, you do not need to worry and think that the thing is hopelessly corrupted, because there are a lot of simple and affordable ways to remove such spots.

Remove stains from red wine

Remember that the longer the spot is on theThe surface of the product, the harder it will be. Do not allow the wine to soak into the fibers of the fabric and wither. Immediately after you spill the drink, pat the surface with a tissue and rinse with clean water. If the wine gets on your clothes, remove it and soak it in a warm soapy solution.

If you get a drink on the upholstered furniture, sprinkle the stain with salt. Then treat the fabric with detergent solution. At the end, blot the surface with a paper towel.

If the wine gets on the carpet, blot the stainNapkins. In no case do not rub the contaminated area, otherwise it will be many times more difficult to clean it. Remove the wine with light movements, pressing on the napkin.

If the contamination has absorbed into the carpet,Take a tissue flap that absorbs the liquid well. Fold it several times and attach to the spot. Strongly press down the flap and wait 3-5 minutes. This will help you remove moisture that has penetrated deeply into the fibers. Sometimes one procedure suffices, and it happens that you have to repeat it several times. Remember that it is not recommended to use colored fabric for this purpose, as it can color the carpet.

If none of the above methods is available to youHelped, use hydrogen peroxide. This method is suitable only for white things. So, dilute hydrogen peroxide with water in a ratio of 1: 3. Soak the stain with the solution and wait a few minutes. Then pat the treated area with a paper towel. Repeat until the stain disappears completely.

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