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Decorate the house for Easter

We decorate the house for Easter

Easter is approaching and it is time to think about decorating the house.

To begin to tune in the desired fashion, clean the house.

That's what our grandmothers and great-grandmother always started preparing for Easter.

Do not limit dusting: arrange things on the shelves, wash and vacuum the floors, change the curtains on a bright, change linens. Of course, it is difficult to start, but you try to motivate yourself so that the house will be clean, nice and cozy, and it's nice to be your family.

Now decorate the house with flowers. This may not necessarily be fresh flowers, quite amiss and artificial, especially in combination with the decor of colored eggs. Alternatively you can use the Easter wreaths, they are easy to do yourself.

Now in stores you can buy a lot of different items of decor for spring and Easter themes, but if you are strapped for cash, it can make ornaments with their own hands.

Do not forget to decorate a festive table. Spread the tablecloth bright color, ideally with a picture on the theme of Easter. Arrange a festive dishes. Cook something delicious, the post ends and you can not be limited in the products. On the table should be a lot of colored eggs. Do not forget the flowers and fresh herbs. Easter still spring festival!

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