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Plasterboard partitions

Sometimes, undertaking repairs in the house, you feel the desire to change his plan.

But on a global scale redevelopment involves the collection of a large number of documents, permits, as well as the passage of many instances.

The way out of this situation will be the construction of interior walls without the use of brick or concrete.

By the device of partitions between the rooms are presented some of the requirements. They have to:
- Have the stability and strength to be safe for living in an apartment or house zhiltsov-
- Have a long service life, which in some cases may be equal to the term of operation of the building-
- Tightly adjacent to the walls and other structures. In addition, the surface must be free of cracks in order to avoid the appearance of insects or rodents.

Types of interior partitions

There are several types of materialBuilding walls: concrete blocks, sliding materials, drywall, which is the most popular material for the construction of such structures. Office interior are often composed of partitions which are made using plastic or Metal-plastic material.
Sekeret drywall popularity isits light weight, ease of installation and relatively high strength. In addition, because it is possible to create original walls with smooth curves. This is achieved by the fact that the drywall easily bent.
Installing drywall partitions can beany room. But it must be remembered that, in areas with high humidity need to use water-resistant material, otherwise, such a design would be short-lived. Buy a drywall can be in any hardware store.

Construction plasterboard partitions

During the construction of drywall partitionsmetal profiles are used, the material (in this case drywall), insulation material and fastener elements. Based on the partition area is calculated amount of material.
Start the installation work involves fixingframe profile. Originally set directing UV profile. For greater reliability side profile adjacent to the ceiling, a sealing tape is glued. If the mounting frame between the ceiling and the slit formed, they must be filled with foam.
Then secure the rack-mount communication profiles. The first profile put firmly to the wall of the house and fix it to the guide. Subsequent set at intervals of 40 cm. Performed it to impart structural strength and rigidity.
If the door is provided in the partition,you need to pre-calculate its size and the place where it will be located. In the space provided for the doorway, guiding profiles are not installed.

An opening is created by rack profiles,which are fixed pieces of wood. It is necessary to give special design hardness, or door frame will become loose, which can lead to its deformation.

After installation you can start the framefastening sheets of drywall using self-tapping screws. To this end, a sheet of drywall closely applied to the profiles and secured. Screws, it should be a little sink in the drywall, the sheet can be subsequently filled.

After one side of the partition willtrimmed with a plasterboard panel and its interior space is filled with a sealant for insulation and structural rigidity. Also, it is possible to lay water pipes or electrical wiring.

At this stage, you can immediately isolate all the available communications: wiring in order to avoid fire, water pipes - condensate contact with drywall.

Next, attach the drywall on the other side of the frame - and the septum can be considered finished. Remain spackling and painting and wallpapering.

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