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CREATE the inner partitions with your own hands


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Sometimes, when you start repairing a house, you are tempted to change its layout.

But the re-planning of a global scale implies the collection of a large number of documents, permits, as well as the passage of many instances.

The way out of the existing situation will be the erection of an internal partition without the use of bricks or concrete.

To the device of partitions between rooms some requirements are made. They have to:
- have the stability and strength to be safe for those living in an apartment or a house of tenants-
- have a long service life, which in some cases may be equal to the lifetime of the building itself-
- tightly adjacent to other walls and structures. In addition, there should be no crevices on their surface to prevent the appearance of rodents or insects.

Types of interior partitions

There are several types of material forPartition walls: foam blocks, sliding materials, and gypsum board, which is the most popular material for the construction of such structures. Office interior often consists of partitions, for the production of which plastic or metal-plastic material is used.
The secret of the popularity of drywall is inIts light weight, ease of installation and sufficiently high strength. In addition, it is possible to create original partitions with smooth bends. This is achieved due to the fact that the drywall is easily bent.
You can install a partition of drywall inAny room. But at the same time it is necessary to remember that in rooms with high humidity it is necessary to use a moisture-resistant material, otherwise such a construction will be short-lived. You can buy such a drywall in any construction shop.

Construction of gypsum plasterboard partitions

When constructing gypsum plasterboard partitionsUsed metal profiles, material (in this case, drywall), a material for soundproofing and fasteners. Based on the area of ​​the partition, the amount of material is calculated.
The beginning of the installation work implies fasteningSkeleton from the profile. Initially set the guide uv profile. For greater reliability, the side of the profile, which is adjacent to the ceiling, is glued with a sealing tape. In case if during the installation of the frame, crevices are formed between it and the ceiling, they must be filled with a mounting foam.
After that, fix the st-profiles. The first profile is placed tightly against the wall of the house and fixed to the guides. The next set with an interval of 40 cm. This is to make the structure of strength and rigidity.
In case there is a door in the partition,It is necessary to calculate in advance its dimensions and the place where it will be located. In the space provided for the doorway, the guide profiles are not installed.

The opening is created with the help of racking profiles, inWhich are fixed wooden bars. This is necessary to give the structure a special hardness, otherwise the door frame will loosen, which can lead to its deformation.

After installing the frame, you can proceedBonding sheets of gypsum board with self-tapping screws. To do this, the sheet of drywall is tightly applied to the profiles and fixed. Screws in this case should be drowned in the plasterboard a little, so that the sheet can later be plastered.

After one side of the partition isLined with plasterboard sheet, its internal space is filled with a sealant for soundproofing and rigidity of the structure. Also in it it is possible to lay water pipes or electroconducting.

At this stage, you can immediately isolate all available communications: wiring to avoid fire, water pipes - from condensate on the drywall.

Next, fix the plasterboard on the other side of the frame - and the partition can be considered ready. Remaining putty and painting and wallpaper stickers.

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