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We care for soft toys

Caring for soft toys

Today, houses and apartments is hard to imagine without soft toys.

For adults, they are memories of childhood, and for kids - gentle friends and reliable defenders. The children sleep with toys, feed them, having fun with them and gently pressed.

But over time, toys lose their original appearance and become less bright, clean and fresh.

Toys are made from different fabrics: fleece, plush, velvet, faux fur, and many others. Accordingly, and taking care of each fabric should be different, so check before you buy toys with the possibility of washing and cleaning of dust.

But, in addition to dust may arise in toys anddust mites. It is known that at a temperature below minus ten degrees mites die, therefore, it is possible to put the toy in the freezer for a couple of days. Unusual, but very effective. By the way, during this procedure, the toy was not a bit spoiled.

Toys can be washed in the washing machine ifIt indicated on their label. It is best to wash the toy in a delicate mode at a temperature of thirty-five degrees, no spin, but with the rinsing, so that eventually did not stay in the toy powder.

To color toy has not changed, you can addlittle citric acid or vinegar, and use only one third of the detergent. In addition, it is best to use a special powder for wool products, so they are more loyal to the tissue. Bleaches and bleach can not be used, because of their toy can shed.

Drying is best toy in limbo, so she did not lose shape.

But do not forget that there are crochetedToys which are more difficult to clean and dried as they are in contact with water sit and deformed during drying. These toys are best dried in the expanded state on a towel, pre-rinsing and straighten them.

But what about those toys, which are notvlezut any freezer or in a washing machine? Dust with them can be removed with a vacuum cleaner with special nozzles designed for contact with furniture. You can also apply to dry, because in all of them there is a service of cleaning toys.

From time to time you need to check on toythe presence of the burst seams and reliability of fastening of small details. Toys inside are made of foam, padding polyester, plastic balls and a lot of something else, and the children, curious and restless, like to see, get, taste.

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