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Way to quickly sobering


You are at a party or at a party, drank too much.

There are ways to quickly sobering.

Literally an hour later, no one will think that you all were drunk.

Or help another person ubresti sober mind.

In such situations, you need to act carefully so as not to harm the drunk.

You will need

  • We need fresh air, aspirin, activated charcoal, honey, douches, ammonia.



The first thing we have to ventilate the room. Fresh air clears our minds.


Rub a drunken man's ears so that they were red.


If the mind does not come, then soak a cloth in cold water and apply on the neck. It can be on a cotton pad to pour a little ammonia and give a sniff drunk.


When a person begins to anything and understand a little bit to settle down, give him a drink aspirin 1 and 5 tablets of activated charcoal. To wash down the medication you need strong tea.


If a person has no problems with the heart, send him to take a contrast shower. If you have heart problems, while an ordinary shower.


After all these procedures, you must continue to drink 1 ch. L. honey every 20 minutes.

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