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The way to do a trash bag with his hands

garbage bag can be glued together from colored polyethylene

Plastic trash bags can be purchased not only in the hardware store, but even at the kiosk. They have a few drawbacks.

For small amounts of debris are certainly suitable.

But if you want to have started repair or disassemble the pantry, you need something more solid.

You help out the old wallpaper or a large piece of plastic film.

A bag of old wallpaper

Make a trash bag can be about five minutes. Also wallpaper remnants, you still nuzhny-
- skotch-
- nozhnitsy-
- Ruler or a wooden rake.
In this case, nothing vymeryat up tomillimeter is not necessary. Unwind from the roll of old wallpaper piece of 1-1.5 m. Bend it possible to precisely (best for rail), aligning the edges. The long sides glue tape or glue the most common paper. The bag is ready and fit into it a lot of what you are going to throw.

Wallpapers tend to curl, so before the glue, lay your bag on the floor and press the corners with something heavy.

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Plastic bag

Before starting the repair is better to think in advance abouthow you will clean up the garbage. Large packages of thick film can not always buy, but the film is sold in departments of products for gardeners throughout the year. Better if it will be a double - you will just have to glue the bottom of the bag. However, from a single film bag is made very quickly. If you do not have the device for welding of polyethylene, suitable soldering tool or apparatus for burning. Lay the film on the floor or a large table and mark it. The fewer seams on the package will be the better, so that the material fold in half. Think about what size bag you need. Schedule a width at the fold line length - on the edge. Draw on polyethylene best ballpoint pen. Carve out a bag, combine all the sections, place the workpiece on unnecessary board and glue soldering joints, leaving one hole open. By the way, crosslink bag termosposobom not necessarily, it is possible to type and sostrochit, paving the seams folded in half strip of thick fabric.

You can proceed conversely, to fold held on one of the long sides.

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Reusable garbage bag

If you are bored with the same black bags,which must be disposed of with the trash, you can make a reusable bag. Specially to buy fabric for it is not necessary. Suit fragments bolonevyh old cloak, such as nylon or calendered. In short, we need a fabric that is waterproof and easy to wash. Carve out of it a strip measuring about 40h150 see. Some of the tissue is better to cut a soldering iron or a device to burn, then you will not need to handle the seams. Fold the strip in half wrong side out. You get a double rectangle of 40h75 cm. Treat top, tucking the fabric twice to 0.5 cm. Stitch and then iron. Connect the side seams. Remove the bag. To the garbage does not spill, you can sew the top edge of a pair of Velcro pieces.

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