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Way to get rid of household ants

ways to get rid of ants

The ants - these are some of the most commoninsects, living next door to the man. Nothing good comes from their appearance in the apartment does not have to wait: they get literally everywhere, resulting in unusable products and delivering a lot of trouble the hosts.

How to get rid of these pesky insects?

If there were ants - so, in the room there aresweets. Hide them, and creepy disappear by themselves. But when it is hot outside - ant bait becomes even water. Usually ants disappear by themselves when the heat subsides.
Goosebumps can not tolerate strong odors, suchas lemon or garlic. You can anoint ant track of garlic juice. Better to do it in places where they enter the house. Traps have some effect, such as a cup filled with water with sugar.
Try to dissolve a small amount of yeastheated in water sugar dosypte. Founded liquid milk will resemble cocoa. Fill it small crockery (you can use ordinary cover), put in places where insects congregate. Some days they would eat this liquid is quite active, and the behavior of insects is somewhat retarded and, after a couple of days, the ants will die out completely.
Grease a habitat ants simple sunflower oil, sprinkle their way chamomile or shag - and insects disappear immediately.
But the most important tool in the fight with ants - thisprevention of their occurrence. Keep the house clean, the kitchen tiles, wash, do not throw food for pets on the floor, tightly close the containers that store the sugar, cereals, vanilla.

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