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Ways to get rid of house ants


Ways to get rid of ants</a>

Ants are one of the most commonInsects living in the neighborhood of a person. Nothing good from their appearance in the apartment can not wait: they penetrate literally everywhere, disabling products and bringing a lot of trouble to the owners.

How can we get rid of these annoying insects?

If ants appeared, it means that there aresweets. Hide them and goose bumps themselves will disappear. But when it's hot outside - for the ants water becomes even bait. Usually the ants disappear by themselves when the heat drops.
Shivers can not tolerate strong odors, suchLike a lemon or garlic. You can anoint the ant tracks with garlic juice. It is better to do this in the places where they enter the house. Some effect has traps, such as a cup filled with water with sugar.
Try to dilute a small amount of yeastIn warm water, pour out the sugar. The formed liquid will resemble milk cocoa. Fill it with small vessels (you can use ordinary covers), put in places where insects collect. For several days they will eat this liquid quite actively, while the behavior of insects becomes somewhat inhibited and, after a couple of days, the ants will completely die out.
Lubricate the habitats of ants with simple sunflower oil, sprinkle their way with chamomile or makhorka - and insects will immediately disappear.
But the main tool in the fight against ants isPrevention of their appearance. Keep the house clean, wash the kitchen tiles more often, do not throw food for pets on the floor, close the containers in which you store sugar, cereals, vanilla.

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