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Water supply and sewage country house

Water supply and sewerage system of a country house

Modern town houses for living conditions and comfort for a long time is not inferior to urban apartments well equipped.

But to ensure the comfort of their hosts in the need to mount and connect the internal communications system and, above all, water and sewer.

Water and sewage systems

Water - engineering system consisting ofspecial equipment (pumps, storage tanks, equipment, filters) and a pipeline intended to supply private residential buildings with water. The sewer system is necessary in order to take home the used water and waste products, providing primary treatment effluent coming when necessary.

And water supply, and sewage may bestand-alone or connected to a centralized system, which requires the preparation and execution of additional permissions, but can reduce costs. The device independent water supply and sanitation of such permits are not required, but at the time the house in operation sewerage system will be checked for compliance with building codes and other technical requirements.

As engineering systems, water supply and seweragehave much in common, both of these systems are divided into inner and outer part. If we talk about internal networks, you need to understand: the difference lies in the fact that the entry point for water inlet pipe to the house is a home, and for sewage outlet pipe exit point - final.

Internal water supply system a country houseIt consists of a starting water-measuring-dispensing installations, pipe systems for hot and cold water, hot water source (heater, boiler or boiler), leads to the point of water withdrawal and consumers (sinks, sinks, bathtubs, toilets, washing machines, showers, etc.). . Internal sewage system, besides tubes leading from the consumer - toilets, includes sewer riser and place the output outlet pipe from the structure.

External water supply networks consist of a systempipes running outside the building, water sources (wells or well), the pumping station. Outdoor sewerage system includes a discharge pipe, septic tank or sewage treatment plants, sometimes in its composition is also included and pumping equipment.

Design of water supply and sewerage systems

If to be used is not too difficultcircuit design of water supply and sewerage systems for a country house can be performed independently. But when the house is designed for year-round use, has several floors and an extensive network, it is better to entrust the creation of project professionals. In the case of a simple circuit when a kitchen and a toilet room are located nearby, you can use a common sewer standpipe. When the point of intake and consumption are located on different floors and in different rooms can be used complicated scheme of several risers, having outlets in different septic tanks.

Before designing you must definethe source of the water entering the house, ordered the execution of engineering and topographical plan, find out the type of soil and the level of groundwater. In accordance with the needs of your family in the water, which can be determined by building codes, select the equipment of the power that can provide those needs. If the water pressure is insufficient, the project is necessary to provide for the use of pumps to ensure its supply.

At a high level of groundwater can be set on a plot of the local station of deep cleaning a septic tank or the storage type.

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Piping Systems

Internal mounting of water supply andsewer systems begin after the erection of walls and roof mounted is completed. At the same time gauging unit is installed inside a building just outside the exterior wall on the site of the outer tube entrance, it should not be located closer than 1.5 m from the output drain and pipe gas and heating. The diameter of the pipes used for domestic water supply, depends on how much water intake points to be placed in the house. Typically, the main line using the pipe diameter of 3/4 inch, and for distributing pipes - inches. Pipes domestic water supply and sanitation are stacked at an angle that provides water flow and its free flow after use.

To ensure the safe operation of water supply and sewage systems, in their design and installation need to strictly comply with all applicable building codes and requirements.

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It should be taken into account when installing the external systems,Depth of laying the pipes must be greater than the depth of freezing ground. For ease of maintenance, the pipe can be laid on the surface, but it is necessary to provide their insulation.

If the water supply and sewerage willintersect sewer pipe must be positioned lower than those which will be supplied to the water, the distance between them should be at least 40 cm. In addition, it is necessary to provide casings and into which the pipes are laid in the ground such intersections. In parallel to the pipe-laying between them should be not less than 1.5 m in the case of a diameter less than 20 cm.

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