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How to water orchids at home

How to water orchids at home

Very often, the owners of blooming orchids wonder why the plant ceases to bloom, it looks sick and dies.

The thing is that orchids are more demanding and capricious in care than usual all houseplants.

Especially they are capricious in food, so in order to please the eye beautiful orchids lush flowers, you need to know a few simple rules of watering the plants.

How often should you water the orchids

This question has no clear answer aswatering of the tropical plant influences the indoor temperature and humidity, and time of year, depending on which the flower must be greater than or less moisture, and the composition of the substrate, and even the value of the pot. Similarly, we can say one thing - better to water the orchid is rare, but abundant. The roots of the plant should not be in a wet environment permanently, by excessive watering, they begin to rot and the plant dies.

Given that the natural environment of orchidscomfortable there and bloom, clinging to the roots of the tree bark, and heavy rains, alternating with hot dry weather for these are the ideal environment, it is necessary to try to bring them closer to the usual indoor existence. For example, a common mistake among orchid lovers is incorrect watering. Orchids should not be watered frequently. The substrate in the pot must be completely dried up. If within a few days the substrate does not dry, it must be replaced with a larger, better ventilated to the roots.

How do I know that it is time to water the orchids

To tropical plant feel comfortable in the room environment, you need to learn how to properly and timely to recognize the condition of the soil. To do this, there are a few signs:

  • if it seems tjazhelovatym pot for several days, then the substrate is not crude and watering trebuetsya-
  • if you clean up the contents of the pot with your finger, you can feel the moisture of the soil and determine the need poliva-
  • wooden toothpick stuck into the substrate, truly indicates the need for watering - if extracted from soil dry stick, means orchids need polivat-
  • that the plant needs watering, says the color of the substrate and the roots of the orchid - the wet substrate is always darker than dry, and dry the roots of orchids not become green, and light gray color.

The ideal watering orchids

All orchids like watering descent methodpot in a basin of water. These "bath" is well and evenly moisten the substrate, give plenty of water to be fed with the roots. Pot plants need to be immersed in a basin of water and leave for 15-20 minutes. In the cold season, such a procedure should not exceed 10 minutes. At the end of the pot is removed from the water and left for 20-30 minutes in a suspended state to allow the water to drain.

At night orchid "sleeping", so water the plant is better in the morning, during the day to its roots were filled with plenty of moisture, and the substrate is dried up.

What water watering orchids

From what kind of water to water the plants, it dependshis health. Ideally, the best watering orchids rain water, but if you can not collect moisture after a rain suit and plain, from the water. Water for irrigation must always stand for 3-4 days. When watering orchids should also be remembered that the plant does not like the different impurities in the form of salts and lime, for watering orchids is only suitable soft and clean water. The presence of large amounts of impurities can be judged by the accumulation of scale in the kettle if it occurs quickly and in large quantities, so the water is not suitable for watering orchids, and it is necessary to defend and boil. The most suitable option - add to defend the water distilled in the proportions of 1: 1.

Shower for orchids

It is believed that the beneficial hot showerIt acts on an orchid and stimulates flowering. Maybe so, but it is not necessary to water the orchid with boiling water, the water should be 38 degrees hotter. In addition, so as not to injure the plant, jet shower should be as finely as possible. And yet, after such a method of watering orchids need to be sure to dry all the hard sinus plants. This can be done using a paper towel or napkin.

Contrary to the opinion that the Orchid is capricious andIt requires special care, elegant plant can be grown, following simple rules of watering. And remember that the orchid is better to forget to water than "drink" water flower once again.

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