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Governments of different countries are concerned about the increasing use of radio-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles around the world.

Now everyone can buy a small UAV with a camera and look there - wherever he should.

In some courts, there are already claims for invasion of privacy through radio-controlled drone. And in France there was a blatant case of aerial survey of nuclear power plants.

And only the governments of several countries were concerned about the regulation of this issue: the Spanish government imposed a ban on UAV flights, and the Australian government limited the flights to licensing.

Also, uncontrolled use of drones can lead to air crashes. So, several cases of UAV appearance in the flight area of ​​passenger aircraft have already been registered.

However, the use of drones gives a number ofOpportunities. For example, in Australia, UAVs control ocean beaches and transmit alarm signals in the event of the appearance of sharks in the water area. In a number of countries they are used for various accidents and technogenic catastrophes. They are also actively used by the warring parties in the Donbas, both for conducting combat operations and for peaceful journalistic reporting.

Soon this issue will arise sharply andRussia. Already, the shelves of stores are filled with models of aircraft and helicopters. But there are also more serious examples, for which it is already possible to install video cameras with a decent stock of flight time and range.

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