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How to watch 3d movies at home


How to watch 3d movies at home</a>

Today, everyone is hearing 3D movies, which will surely soon replace conventional movies in a two-dimensional format. But not everyone knows how to watch 3D movies at home.

And meanwhile, this is reality, and right now you can see such a film.



Buy a 3D movie and glasses to it (most often red-blue or red-green).


Now determine to which formatRefers to the purchased (downloaded movie). Do they come in 3 formats? Anaglyph, interlace, stereopair. Usually the format is indicated on the box from under the disk. Stereopar is easily distinguishable from other kinds by the fact that by opening it on an ordinary DVD player, you will see two identical pictures on one screen at once. The film in the interlace format will look "cloudy?", With blurred lines, at the same time the picture in the anaglyph will be more clear.


Prepare your DVD player. It will come in handy to you if it turns out that you have an anaglyph movie. Then simply put on your glasses (red-blue or red-green), enjoy the colorful film and consider that you have already found the answer to the question you are interested in - how to watch 3D movies at home.


If the movie is recorded in interlace orStereopair, then you will need a special program on your computer to watch such movies. The program can be downloaded on the Internet, for example, Stereo Movie Player.


Start your player (Stereo Movie Player). In the program menu choose: OPEN? Specify the location and title of your movie. And also specify the format of the movie: Side-By-Side? For horizontal stereopair Interlaced? For the interlaced format-a / b? For a vertical stereopair. Select and type of screen? Color.


Also, before viewing, it is recommendedInstall in order to avoid any further misunderstandings driver iZ3D (you can download from the Internet), which will help you to watch three-dimensional movies on your computer. Also, keep in mind that movies in anaglyph format are considered less quality and colorful than films in alternative formats.

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