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How to watch 3d movie at home

How to watch 3d movie at home

Today everyone's lips 3D movies that are sure to soon displace conventional movie in two-dimensional format. But not everyone knows how to watch 3D movies at home.

Meanwhile, it is a reality, and now you can watch a film.



Get 3D? Film and glasses to him (mostly red and blue or red and green).


Now specify to what exactly the formatrefers bought (downloaded your movie). They come in 3 formats? anaglyph, interlaced, stereo pair. Normally, the format specified on the box from under the disc. Stereopair easily distinguished from other species by the fact that, having opened on a conventional DVD - player, you will see on one screen at once two identical pictures. The film is in interlace format will look like? ?, Cloudy with blurred lines, at the same time in anaglyph image will be more clear.


Prepare your DVD - player. It is useful to you, if you find that you have a movie in anaglyph format. Then simply put on your glasses (red-blue or red-green), enjoy the colorful film and assume that you have already found the answer to your question - how to watch 3D movies at home.


If the movie recorded in interlace format orstereo pair, you will need a special computer program to view such films. The program can be downloaded from the Internet, such as Stereo Movie Player.


Run your player (Stereo Movie Player). In the menu choose: OPEN? specify the location and the name of your movie. Also, specify the format of the film: Side-By-Side? horizontal stereopary- Interlaced? to interlace formata- a / b? vertical stereo pair. Select and type of screen? color (color).


Also, before you start, it is recommendedset in order to avoid any misunderstandings in the future iZ3D driver (can be downloaded from the Internet), which will help you to watch three-dimensional movies in your computer. Also keep in mind that movies in anaglyph format, are considered lower quality and colorful than movies in other formats.

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