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Washing machine in the bathroom: layout, connection

Washing machine in the bathroom: layout, connection

Washing machine for a long time has become one of the most common and necessary types of household appliances. In most cases it is installed in the bathroom.

However, when installing the machine, you can run into some problems.

Spacious bathrooms in apartments todayplanning permit to implement the installation of the washing machine without difficulty. If the bathroom small area (such as the so-called "Khrushchevki"), placing the washing machine may become a problem. So before you buy and install the appliances, it is necessary to properly consider and calculate all.

How to install a washing machine in the bathroom

If your bathroom has a large area,you will easily place it in virtually any model of household washing machine. There has not fundamentally, what is the capacity of its drum, and the system load of laundry - horizontal or vertical. The main thing - to comply with the rules listed below.

Do not install the washing machine against thebath, shower stall or sink. For high humidity bad for its electronic "stuffing" and may lead to disruptions in the work of art, or even disable it.

Try to place it near the waterand sewer pipes and electrical sockets. So you protect yourself from a number of additional work associated with the installation of the purchased equipment. If still you are unable to install the machine near the pipes, make sure that all the parts and elements were safe.

Even the washing machine in the spacious bathroom should be placed so that it is as little as possible interfere with the free movement, because so you will feel comfortable.

One should also not be placed on the car coverlaundry basket, cleaning supplies, etc. After all, electronic "filling" is located directly under this cover, and even a small deflection may cause a malfunction in its work.

If your bathroom is pretty close inAnyway washing machine will be installed very close to the baths, showers, washbasins or sinks. Your task - to arrange it so that it will allow more or less free to move around the bathroom and manipulate the loading and unloading of laundry. This primarily depends on the size of the washing machine. For small bathrooms is preferable to buy a car with a narrow drum of small capacity. For such premises is best to buy a washing machine and dryers, as a rule, it takes up less space, more convenient to use.

In any case, better to choose a washing machine a reliable and trusted manufacturer. For example, Bosh or Candy.

Carefully read the manufacturers specifications of washing machines, read reviews on the Internet.

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How to connect the washing machine to the communications

If connecting the washing machine to the linePower is usually no problem, especially in the construction of modern houses (a socket with grounding necessary), the installation of the Gulf / drain system requires time and effort.

The filler hose of the washing machine at one endIt must be connected to the filler neck, and the other - to the water supply. It is best to do it this way. Clear in the bathroom some flexible liner (for example, through which the filled cistern toilet), connect it to the fitting-tee, then set the liner again. Preferably a fitting tee with a tap on the exhaust pipe to the side. Then, connect the inlet hose to the tap. Your washing machine will be "provided with" tap water and its supply can be cut off if necessary.

Draining of waste water can be done in twoways: either fix the drain hose on the bath rim, to prevent water from dripping into it, or install a new wash-basin siphon equipped with side arm to connect the drain hose. Both of these methods has both "plus" and "cons". Choose on your own.

If the length of the filling hose attached tothe washing machine is not enough to connect to the water supply, purchase longer. However, the quality of the store hoses is often low and the hoses of the brand, which can be purchased at service centers are very expensive.

Be sure to seal the reeling screw connection of the inlet hose to the water supply! As the take-up can be used, for example, FUM-tape or flax (hemp), type sealant smeared UNIPACK.

In the event that all the work carried out carefully and thoroughly, washing machine will not only perform well, but also serve as a good additional elements of the interior of your bathroom.

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If (and in some houses, Khrushchev is notrare) your bathroom is so small in size that accommodate even a small washing machine is very problematic in it, you have to install it in the kitchen.

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