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WASHING MACHINE, built under the worktop

Washing machine, built under the worktop

The indispensable helper of every housewife - washing machine, hand washing by which horrors were in the distant past.

Now nothing threatens the elegant manicure and delicate skin of the hands.

But, nevertheless, because of the wide range of washing machines is now the mistress face another dilemma: how to choose the assistant and as a compact and discreetly place it in the kitchen.

In this case, the most advantageous option - to choose a washing machine, embedded under the tabletop.

Benefits of Embedded washing machines

If you decide that you need a builtwashing machine, the reasons for this may be at least two: either you have a very small living space, and you have to save her. Or - with residential meters is all right, and you want to use it to the max and create a unique interior, where there is no room for open standing washing machine. However, whatever your motives, you should know a few features that would make the right decision.

There are two types of embedded machines: those who need to incorporate fully, and those - which are simply mounted under the table top. The main distinguishing feature of the past - is the presence at the top of the panel, which, if necessary, can be easily dismantled and replaced by the top. Please note, a washing machine, mounted under the kitchen worktop, must be provided with a special metal cover that protects the hardware machine panel of fat, moisture and dirt. If special cover for some reason is absent, the free space between the car and the worktop can be filled with any soft insulator, such as foam. The main advantage of washing machines, embedded just under the tabletop that if necessary they can be used as stand-alone units.

Same washing machines, which are incorporatedcompletely, actually become part of the kitchen units. A distinctive feature of embedded machines - the presence on the facade of the special hinges, which are fixed doors of kitchen units. Loops can be on either side of the machine, depending on the design of furniture and wishes of the customer. Everything else is exactly the same as that of the washing machines, mounted under the table: the top - table top, bottom - base of the same material as the rest of the kitchen.

Do not make the typical mistake of someorder buyers and the washing machine along with the furniture. Choosing the car alone, you get several benefits: a wider range of models, for warranty service specialists and the confidence that your car is properly and accurately installed. Positive feedback, or even more than one - will tell which model will satisfy all your requests, therefore, the decision making process, do not forget to monitor Internet resources or simply visit some specialty stores and get advice from professionals.

Please note, the machine is completely built in under counter, tightly fastened, and therefore have much less noise effect. Furthermore, they vibrate less.

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Additional parameters of washing machines

Quality built in washing machine - itis the home appliances that will help you to save precious space, getting rid of the mass of tedious and seemingly intractable problems. Provided that your bathroom is very small, the kitchen - just a convenient place to put the washing machine. When you select a home appliance you need to consider not only its size, but also some of the technical parameters and characteristics, which directly affect the life and performance.

But, of course, ideal one in whichWasher appropriate size also contains a collection of all the necessary functions. In some cases, the size of a washing machine fades into the background. Compact and narrow - built-in washing machine can fully meet your requirements, thanks to the extended range of features including: choice of washing efficiency, pressing quality and class power. In addition to these parameters is necessary to pay attention to the number of wash programs, control the machine type and appearance of the display.

An important point - is the location of the washing machine. When you select a note, that place must be easily accessible, close to electrical outlets, with the ability to discharge and supply of tap water.

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And do not forget to pay attention to the amount ofdrum and its allowable weight, the material from which made housing a washing machine. Thus it is better to give preference model, where the tank is made of stainless steel or composite materials which are resistant to corrosion and other damage. Another nice little thing - a timer that helps to program the wash, so you get clean underwear at a convenient time for you

To deal with all the numerousindicators and parameters, it is best to go to a specialty store or ask a question, visit the forum. Many housewives, who have been able to appreciate the convenience and quiet operation built-in washing machine, put emphasis on leakage protection system, which is to be built in any washing machine. This is important, because the built-in washing machine from all sides hidden furniture. And in the case of even minimal, but the regular flow, you will not be able to trace it immediately. With high-quality moisture protection system will not happen! This system will help protect you do not think about the fact you have blocked the flow of water after washing or not.

Pay attention to the fact that to buy a good washing machine, and at the same time you can save through the online store.

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