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WASHING MACHINE, built-in under the table top


Washing machine, built-in under the countertop</a>

An irreplaceable assistant to any housewife is a washing machine, thanks to which the horrors of hand washing have been left in the distant past.

Now nothing threatens the elegant manicure and the delicate skin of the hands.

But, nevertheless, because of the wide choice of washing machines, now the housewives are faced with another dilemma: what kind of assistant to choose and how compactly and imperceptibly to place it in the kitchen.

In this case, the most advantageous option is to choose a washing machine built in under the countertop.

Advantages of built-in washing machines

If you decide that you need an embeddedThe washing unit, then there can be at least two reasons for this: either you have a very small living space and you have to save it. Either - with residential meters everything is all right, and you want to use it to the maximum and create a unique interior where there is no room for an open-standing washing machine. However, whatever your motives, you should know a few features that would make the right decision.

There are two types of embedded machines: Those that need to be built in full, and those - which are simply mounted under the countertop. The main distinguishing feature of the latter is the presence at the top of the panel, which, if necessary, is easily dismantled and replaced by a countertop. Pay attention, the washing machine, mounted under the kitchen countertop, should be provided with a special metal cover, which protects the machine's hardware panel from getting fat, moisture and dirt. If there is no special cover for some reason, the free space between the machine and the worktop can be filled with any soft insulator, for example, foam rubber. The main advantage of washing machines, simply built in under the countertop is that if necessary, they can be used as stand-alone units.

The same washing machines that are built inCompletely, in fact become part of the kitchen set. A distinctive feature of built-in machines is the presence on the facade of special loops, to which the doors of the kitchen set are attached. The hinges can be on either side of the machine, depending on the design of the furniture and the wishes of the customer. All the rest is exactly the same as for the washing machines, mounted under the table: the top is the top, the bottom is the base of the same material as the whole kitchen.

Do not make a typical mistake of someBuyers and order a washing machine with furniture. Choosing a car separately, you will get several advantages: a wider choice of models, the right to warranty service for specialists and the confidence that your machine is correctly and qualitatively installed. Positive feedback, or even one - will tell you which model will be able to satisfy all your requests, therefore, in the process of making a decision, do not forget to monitor Internet resources or simply visit several specialized stores and get advice from professionals.

Pay attention, the machines, fully built-in under the table top, are rigidly attached and therefore have a much smaller noise effect. In addition, they vibrate less.

Additional parameters of washing machines

A high-quality built-in washing machine isThat household appliances that will help you save precious space, will save you from a lot of tedious and seemingly insoluble problems. Provided that your bathroom is very small, the kitchen is a convenient place for a washing machine. When choosing household appliances, you need to take into account not only its dimensions, but also some technical parameters and characteristics that directly affect the service life and performance.

But, of course, the ideal option is one in whichThe washing machine of the appropriate size also contains a set of all necessary functions. In some cases, the size of the washing machine fades into the background. Compact and narrow - the built-in washing machine can fully meet your requirements, thanks to an expanded range of functions among which: the choice of washing efficiency, spinning quality and energy efficiency class. In addition to the above parameters, pay attention to the number of washing programs, the type of machine control and the appearance of the display.

An important point is the location of the washing machine. When choosing, please note that the place should be easily accessible, near the power outlets, with the possibility of draining and supplying tap water.

And do not forget to pay attention to the volumeDrum and its permissible weight, from what material the body of the washing machine is made. It is better to give preference to models where the tank is made of stainless steel or composite materials that are resistant to corrosion and other damage. Another nice little thing is a timer that helps to program the washing time, so you can get clean clothes at a time convenient for you

To deal with all the numerousIndicators and parameters, it is best to go to a specialized store or ask an interesting question by visiting the forum. Many housewives, who already could appreciate the convenience and quiet operation of built-in washing machines, emphasize the leakage protection system, which should be in any built-in washing machine. This is important, because the built-in washing machine is hidden from all sides by furniture. And in the case of even a minimal, but regular leak, you can not track it instantly. With a quality system of moisture protection does not happen! It is the protection of the system that will help you not to think about whether you cut off the water supply after washing or not.

Pay attention to the fact that you can buy a good washing machine and at the same time save money through an online store.

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