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How to wash your ferret

How to wash your ferret

For wool ferrets need regular maintenance due to the large amount of subcutaneous sebaceous glands.

Some ferrets quietly tolerate washing procedure, some enthusiastically, some opposed.

But be that as it may, the wash - a procedure that you need to master.

You will need

  • Warm water, a special shampoo for ferrets, bath towels, hair dryer, deodorizer.



If the ferret is still a puppy (2.5-3 months) and has a decent appearance, it is not necessary to wash it. However, if it smells strongly and very dirty, it is possible and even necessary to bathe him. If y ferret slightly soiled legs, buttocks or belly, you can simply wipe with a damp cloth. Wash ferret It not recommended more often than once a month. If you abuse washing with detergent, breaking the functionality of the glands, repeated efforts smell coming from ferret, The skin begins to peel off, fur is not dense and brilliant.

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To a question about where to wash ferret, Must be approached individually. Someone calmly accepts showering and someone gives in hand only in a basin of water. To find out it can only experimental way. Water for bathing should be warm about 36-38oS.

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For washing, use specialized tools. Shampoo for ferrets can be purchased at a pet store. If you purchased a concentrated shampoo, read the instructions for use. Concentrated shampoos must be diluted with water in certain proportions. If specialized facilities for washing ferrets you did not have at hand, and wash ferret necessary, you can use baby shampoo that does not sting glaza.Namochite wool ferret warm water. Put a small amount of shampoo on your palm, rub hands gently shampoo and put on wool from head to tail, paying particular attention to the paws, belly and ass. Avoid getting water and shampoo in the nose and ears of the animal.

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Once you have a good lather ferret, Rinse it with shampoo. You can get wet fur ferret towel. Put a towel on the floor and release ferret, He will wipe on it. It is also possible to dry ferret a hairdryer, but it must be done carefully, gradually accustoming ferret for drying, not to frighten the animal. After ferret washed and dried, you can use special deodorant, it will give the fur a fresh and pleasant smell. Moreover, many deodorants have additional conditioning effect, a positive effect on the external form of the fur ferret.

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