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How to wash wool thing

How to wash wool thing

Wool products require special handling delicate. After the usual washing woolen thing can lose shape: stretch out or sit down ?.

To this did not happen, of wool products should be properly washed and dried.



Do not soak before washing woolen items withoutabsolutely necessary. If wool product is very dirty, soak it for 1-2 hours in warm water with ammonia (2 table spoons of alcohol per 5 liters of water).


Use as much water as washing productsof wool requires a larger amount thereof than laundry c / b products. At the same time, try to reduce washing time. for wool temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, with absolutely unacceptable to use cold water.


Preferably hand wash wool. But if you decide to wash a wool product in the washing machine, choose a special mode. Usually in modern machine-gun has a special program for wool, but if there is such a program, choose a delicate wash cycle.


Use a special detergentwool. It can be bought in any supermarket. Also effective washing wool in a solution of dry mustard (mustard 100 grams per 5 liters of warm water). Incidentally, the mustard powder can be used not only for hand washing of wool, but also for washing in the machine (dry mustard is added to the powder compartment).


Wool is deformed after washing, if yourub, squeeze and twist the thing. That will not happen with proper treatment of wool: during the wash easily iterate over the woolen hands, and to remove the water? his little squeeze.


Rinse thoroughly with warm woolen thingwater. When the final rinse water, add the vinegar (1 tbsp. Vinegar to 5 gallons of water). Do not use cold water to rinse: due to the temperature difference can be matted wool fibers.


For drying, lay a wool product for everyflat surface, lay the garment on her clean towel. In no case do not dry woolen garments on the battery or in the bright sun.

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