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How to wash a woolen thing

How to wash a woolen thing</a>

Woolen products need special delicate treatment. After a normal wash, the wool thing can lose shape: stretch out or "sit down".

To prevent this from happening, the wool products should be properly washed and dried.



Do not soak woolen clothes before washing withoutExtreme necessity. If the woolen garment is heavily soiled, it can be soaked for 1-2 hours in warm water with ammonia (2 tablespoons of alcohol for 5 liters of water).


Use more water, since washing productsOf wool requires more of it than the washing of cotton products. In doing so, try to shorten the washing time. The temperature for washing wool should not exceed 30 degrees, while it is unacceptable to use very cold water.


Hand washing of wool is preferable. But, if you decide to wash a woolen product in a washing machine, then choose a special mode. Usually, in modern machines there is a special program for washing wool, but if there is no such program, choose a delicate washing mode.


Use a special detergent for washingWool. It can be bought in any supermarket. Also effective washing of wool in a solution of dry mustard (100 grams of mustard per 5 liters of warm water). By the way, the mustard powder can be used not only for manual washing of wool, but also for washing in a machine (dry mustard is added to the powder compartment).


Wool after washing is deformed if youRub, twist and squeeze out a thing. This will not happen if properly treated with wool: during washing, it is easy to brush the woolen product, and to remove water? Squeeze it a little.


Rinse the wool thing thoroughly in a warmWater. At the last rinse, add vinegar (1 tbsp vinegar to 5 liters of water) into the water. Do not use cold water for rinsing: due to the temperature drop, the fibers of the wool can be kneaded.


For drying, spread the wool product on anyFlat horizontal surface, pre-spreading on it a clean terry towel. Do not dry the woolen things on the battery or in the bright sun.

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