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How to wash the jacket of polyester

How to wash the jacket of polyester

From a practical and durable polyester today do a lot of things, including jackets. In combination with a membrane tissue, this material is very popular among professional athletes.

Wash coat polyester quite easily.

If you stick on the garment care instructions, after processing the updated product will be pleased with their appearance.

You will need

  • - Information on the garment label on the label
  • - Warm water (40 degrees)
  • - Brush with soft bristles
  • - Washer
  • - Washing powder (normal- for synthetics or wash cloth membrane)
  • - Iron
  • - Balm with antistatic
  • - Impregnation of the membrane
  • - Denim White



Do not forget to purchase outerwear readinformation on the label. Every self-respecting manufacturer points on it (according to the State standard): a product stirat- whether it can be bleached and iron, as well as recommendations for drying and dry cleaning. Usually wash polyester jacket and allowed his hands, and in the washing machine.


Fasten all the locks on the jacket and wash it inmachine, setting a gentle wash cycle and an optimal temperature of 40 degrees. If you wash polyester in very hot water, then later on it will be unsightly wrinkles - remove them is quite difficult, and sometimes they stay at things forever. If the product is white, then you can use any detergent (without bleach!). When the bright coloring of polyester jacket buy a special detergent for synthetics. Do not squeeze the thing in a centrifuge.


Shake the washed product several times over the tub and hang it to dry. Usually jackets polyester rather dry quickly and do not require ironing. But if there was such a need, utyuzhte thing through the wet gauze in the "silk" - that is warm, not hot iron.


Wash the thing of polyester with a membrane tissue is necessary in a special way. Read the information on the label - whether it is possible to wash the product in the machine? Often such items washed manually or in washing machine as well as other products polyester. However, keep in his household specialtools developed for the care of the membrane, or the "wrong" laundry detergent will spoil its properties. Add the last rinse balm with anti-static effect.


Perform basic recommendations for care of the jackets polyester membrane:
• Do not use any chemical solvents for cleaning, especially chloro-
• Try to clean the thing without washing with warm water and mild schetkoy-
• laundered or scrubbing product to be treated special agent-impregnation for membrany-
• rinse polyester jacket with a membrane, so that the pores of the fabric left poroshka- particles
• dry the coat at room temperature, spread out horizontally and gently spreading it on verevke-
• iron membrane can not, unless otherwise indicated on the label things.

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