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How to wash the heating system

How to wash the heating system

Presently it is difficult to imagine a city or a company without a heating system. Basic requirements for the heating system - it is the durability and reliability.

Over time, the pipe and the battery is still clogged, they form deposits, scale, etc.

Experts say that accidents can be avoided if you will sometimes carry out work on the maintenance of heating systems in working order.



First we need to diagnose the state of systems heating. Then you need to determine the chemical compositiondeposits. Only after this, the map of a certain building rinsing. After work will need to carry out anti-corrosion treatment of pipelines.


Very effective chemical cleaning systems heatingAs well as pipes, radiators andeyeliner to these devices, which will transfer all deposits in the dissolved state, and then delete them from the system. Most often used as a chemical cleaning times. If the systems heating have holes (leakproof), theircan not wash chemical solutions. When injected into the sewerage system of chemical solutions that have distinguished evaporation (pair inhibited acid), it can lead to poisoning of the people around you.


Driving chemical washing. To start the analysis of the state of the heating system, starting with the documentation, the timing of the operation. To determine the level and extent of the wear pipe deposits cut from the element for a system check. Further compositions of the chemical elements are selected (in accordance with the nature of the deposits), and only then starts to work team.


Removal of deposits by chemical cleaning systems heating buildings and repairs enables bandwidth pipes, increase the service life without repair for 15-20 years and reduce heat loss up to 50 percent.


Hydrodynamic cleaning. The method involves the removal and destruction of deposits of water jet cleaning zone of high pressure, supplied through special nozzles. This method allows you to save finances and achieve maximum cleaning effect. For the cleaning heating using a pressure of about 200 atmospheres.


Pnevmogidroimpulsnaya cleaning. This method is used with the help of a gun "Typhoon" and allows you to spot clean the radiators, water pipes, sewerage systems up to a diameter of 150 centimeters. Spot cleaning of heaters to remove all deposits from the system heating, Making it impossible to achieve a standard washing. It allows you to clean heating even in the cold season.

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