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How to wash the heating system


How to wash the heating system</a>

In our time it is difficult to imagine a city or an enterprise without a heating system. The main requirements for the heating system are durability and reliability.

Over time, pipes and batteries are still clogged, sediments, scale, etc. are formed in them.

Experts say that emergency situations can be avoided if you sometimes carry out work to maintain the heating systems in working order.



To begin with, it is necessary to diagnose the state of systems Heating systems. Then it is necessary to determine the chemical compositionSediments. Only after this is a map of the washing of a certain building. After the end of the work, it will be necessary to conduct anticorrosion treatment of the pipelines.


Very effective chemical washing systems Heating systems, As well as pipelines, heating appliances andPodvodki to these devices, which will translate all the deposits into a dissolved state, and then remove them from the system. Most often, chemical washing is used. If in systems Heating systems There are holes (breach of integrity), then theirDo not wash with chemical solutions. When chemical solutions that release evaporation (a pair of inhibited acid) enter the sewer system, this can lead to poisoning of people around you.


Scheme of chemical washing. For the beginning the analysis of a condition of system of a heat supply, since the documentation, terms of the beginning of operation is carried out. To determine the level of wear of pipes and the degree of deposits, an element for testing is cut from the system. Further, the compositions of the chemical elements are selected (in accordance with the nature of the deposits) and only after this the brigade begins to work.


Removal of deposits by chemical washing in systems Heating systems Buildings provides and restores the throughput of pipelines, increases the service life without repair by 15-20 years and reduces the loss of heat transfer to 50 percent.


Hydrodynamic cleaning. The method consists in removing and destroying the deposits from the cleaning zone with a jet of water under high pressure, fed through special nozzles. This method allows you to save money and achieve the maximum cleaning effect. For the cleaning Heating systems A pressure of approximately 200 atmospheres is used.


Pneumohydroimpulse cleaning. This method is used with the help of the Typhoon gun and allows for spot cleaning of radiators, water pipes, cleaning of sewage systems with a diameter of up to 150 centimeters. Spot cleaning of heating devices allows you to remove all deposits from the system Heating systems, Which can not be achieved by standard washing. Allows cleaning Heating systems Even in the heating season.

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