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How to wash the dishes by natural means

How to wash the dishes by natural means

Modern dishwashing detergent made from petroleum products, they are very toxic.

The serious part of these funds falls to the plates and spoons straight into the body, which acts as it should be - everything corrodes. Beautiful output - to wash dishes by natural means.

They do not cause harm to the body, well washed dirt and cherish the family budget.

You will need

  • - Mustard poroshok-
  • - baking soda-
  • - Vinegar.



Mustard powder - the best natural remedyto wash greasy dishes. There are two ways: 1) pour into a saucer a little mustard, dip a wet sponge and wipe the dishes resulting pastoy- 2) Fill the sink with hot water, pour two to three teaspoons of mustard powder, put to the dishes and wash it with a sponge.


Baking soda is a versatile and veryeffective means. A paste of baking soda and water can be perfectly clean dishes, cutlery, pans, enamel ware ... Be careful - soda can damage the Teflon. There is also a washing soda. It is much more alkaline than food, so wear gloves. Household soda can easily wash off most sophisticated pollution - for example, sooty pan.


Vinegar perfectly sanitizes dishes,It removes viruses and mold. This is a true guardian of health! Get in the kitchen with a spray diluted in water with vinegar. Periodically spray this solution sponges for washing utensils, wooden chopping board, place where the dry and store plates, cutlery, cups. Also vinegar on time neutralizes unpleasant odors - just need to sprinkle pan or refrigerator shelves from a spray solution. By the way, the same effect can be sanitized fruit shop, fruits and berries.

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