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How to wash dishes with natural means


How to wash dishes with natural means</a>

Modern means for washing dishes are made from refined products, they are very toxic.

A serious part of these funds comes from the plates and spoons directly into the body, where it acts as it should be - everything corrodes. A wonderful way out is to wash dishes with natural means.

They do not harm the body, they perfectly wash the pollutions and protect the family budget.

You will need

  • - mustard powder-
  • - baking soda-
  • - table vinegar.



Mustard powder is the best natural remedyFor washing greasy dishes. There are two ways: 1) pour a little mustard in the saucer, dab a wet sponge and wipe the dishes with the resulting paste-2) Fill the sink with hot water, pour two to three teaspoons of mustard powder, place the dishes there and wash it with a sponge.


Baking soda is universal and veryEffective means. Pasta made of soda and water can be perfectly cleaned plates, cutlery, frying pans, enamelware ... Be careful - soda can damage Teflon. There is also economic soda. It is much more alkaline than food, so wear gloves. Economic soda can easily wash the most difficult contamination - for example, a smoked pan.


Table vinegar perfectly disinfects the dishes,Destroys viruses and mold. This is a real guardian of health! Take in the kitchen spray with diluted in water vinegar. Periodically spray this solution with sponges for washing dishes, wooden cutting boards, places where you dry and store plates, appliances, mugs. Also vinegar at times neutralizes unpleasant smells - you just need to sprinkle the pan or shelves of the refrigerator with a solution of the spray. By the way, you can disinfect shop fruits, vegetables and berries with the same action.

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