How to wash a suit

How to wash a suit</a>

How to wash a suit?

This garment is indispensable in the office, at solemn events, exams and solid meetings.

Do you have to go out in a suit? Often enough, which means that he needs regular cleaning, washing and care.



First, give up the idea of ​​washing a suit inIf there are thermo-dependent sizing on it. Especially it concerns a jacket? When sewing this technique is used quite often. In this case, you can clean and refresh your suit in the following ways. First, every day, go through it with a soft brush made of natural nap, which should be slightly damp. This works much better than glue rollers, since the latter leave on the fabric microparticles of glue that interfere with the tissues to breathe and facilitate the collection of dust. Particular attention should be given to the cuffs (they need to be turned and carefully cleaned) and the collar? It is here that the greatest amount of dust and dirt is collected, and they begin to unpleasantly shine.


Well helps the costume refresh the treatmentferry! And you can carry out this procedure even at home, without special tools: turn on hot water in the bathroom, hang a suit on your hangers and leave it there for a few minutes. It also allows you to get rid of the unpleasant odor and perfectly smooth out the creases and bruises.


If your suit is sewn without useThermoproducts, it can be washed gently. Do not use the washing machine, even the manual hand wash mode or special very gentle modes for cashmere and other extremely delicate fabrics. After such a machining, your suit will never return to its former form.


Pour in a tub or a large basin of cool waterWith a special liquid soap detergent for washing delicate fabrics, just pour water and gently lower the suit there. It should not be left so for a long time, but only for 5-7 minutes. If there are stains or dirt on the suit, treat them gently with a soft brush. It is good to rinse the suit with cool water, in no case squeezing and not particularly tearing it. Then let the water drain, hang the suit on the hanger in a well-ventilated room and allow to dry. It should perfectly keep the shape and get fresh.

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