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How to wash suit

How to wash suit

How to wash a suit?

This garment is indispensable in the office, on the celebrations, examinations and meetings solid.

The suit has to? Go out? often enough, which means that it needs regular cleaning, laundry and maintenance.



First, give up the idea of ​​a suit in the laundryif it has temperature-dependent sizing. This is especially true of his jacket? when sewing this technique is used quite often. In that case, to clean and freshen your costume in the following ways. Firstly, every day pass through it with a soft brush of natural cloth, which should be slightly moist. It works much better adhesive rollers, since the latter left for mikrochastichki tissue glue that prevent the fabric to breathe and contributes to the gathering dust. Particular attention should be paid to cuffs (they should turn out and thoroughly cleaned) and the collar? this is where the most is going to a lot of dust and dirt, and they begin to shine unpleasant.


Good help freshen suit treatmentferry! And to carry out this procedure it is possible even at home without special equipment: Included in the hot water bath, hang a suit on a hanger and leave it there for a few minutes. It also gets rid of odors and perfectly smooth out wrinkles and blemishes.


If your costume is sewn withouttermoprokleek, it can be gently washed. In no case do not use the washing machine, even a simulation mode hand washing or special very sparing regimens for cashmere and other extremely delicate fabrics. After such machining of your suit will never return to its former shape.


Fill the tub or large bowl of cool waterwith a special liquid soap means for washing delicate fabrics, the water a little lather and gently lower to suit. It should not be left so for a long time, but only for 5-7 minutes. If your costume has stains or dirt, then very carefully treat them with a soft brush. Rinse well with cold water suit, no circumstances should not pressing and not particularly tormenting him. Then let the water drain out, hang a suit on a hanger in a well-ventilated area and allow to dry. He must maintain perfect form and buy fresh.

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