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How to wash pleated fabric

How to wash pleated fabric

Many women have in their wardrobe items from pleated fabric.

You should know that if not properly washed, pleated folds may differ.

To avoid this and maintain the appearance of the product, you need to follow some guidelines.

How to wash pleated skirts and dresses

There are several options for washing dressesskirts of pleated fabrics. An important role in the choice of ways to play the material from which the product is made (natural fabrics, synthetics). Synthetic-pleated fabrics are not afraid of washings, the shape of the folds will not suffer from the effects of water and detergent. At home, pleated natural fabrics should be washed as follows. To keep in shape folds, sour cream products hem large stitches (hand and not on the machine). It is important to make large stitches and tight, so as not to damage the fabric. Put the product in the washing machine and set the "hand wash only" mode or "delicate wash" and a weak spin. You can add a conditioner to improve the ironing process. For the drying of the product need to hang on hangers.

Conditioning agents for pleated natural fabrics should be of good quality.

Wash pleated fabric may be usingspecial mesh bag designed for washing delicate things. It is necessary to place the product throughout its length. As such, it must be put into the washing machine to the delicate washing. Dry product should be in a suspended vertical position (on hangers). Thus it is possible to wash-plaid skirt, products of synthetic pleated fabrics.
Pleated Chiffon better natural washmanually. To do this, soak the cloth for 1-2 hours in a basin of warm water where previously you need to add soap. Then rinse the product and hang it to dry on a hanger. After washing, an important process is ironing pleats. On this depends the future state of the product. To pleating preserved in its original form, should be ironed slightly damp cloth, so it should not be dry until the end. Do not remove the firmware creases before ironing. Iron the pleats through cheesecloth.

How to wash pleated curtains

Caring for long curtains of pleated fabricfollows. Remove the curtains, soak them in water with a mild detergent it for 1-2 hours. The water temperature should not be higher than 30 ° C. Then rinse the cloth in clean water.

Ironed pleated curtains do not need.

Fold the curtains and let the water drain out. When the water stops dripping from the fabric, hang them on the ledge and let dry in the folded state. To folds from sticking, you need at least two times to open and close the curtains. The process of drying will take about 12 hours.

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