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How to wash oil

How to wash oil

Plant oil stain on your clothes alwaysfrustrating because to wash it? a big problem. Someone catches grease stain pour wine, someone using table salt, but these methods are not very effective.

Below you'll find a few ways to oil stain removal, maybe they will be useful to you.



Method 1.
To get started, try to sprinkle oil slicktooth powder (if you are, of course, will be able to get it). Rub tooth powder into a spot so that the oil absorbed therein. Clean off the powder. Thereafter, repeat the procedure. Repeat until the oil is no longer absorbed.
After that, leave the thing that putspot for several hours. Then shake off the remaining chalk. If the stain still remains, then the mix turpentine or benzine, then rub the stain with this mixture on both sides. Allow the mixture to dry. Then shake off the dried mixture and clean off with a brush. Now just a good wash thing.


Method 2.
Fill planted oil slick tool forwashing dishes ? Fairy, for example, or any other that is well washes fat. Then wash the stained place with the help of this tool, rinse well and dry.


Method 3.
Spot gasoline rub on both sides orturpentine several times. Wash the item in hot water with detergent, preferably with some, like The Tide, which is well washes stubborn dirt. If you are not satisfied with the result and the stain is still not completely washed off, then repeat the procedure again.


Method 4.
Buy at any hardware store soap called? Antipyatin ?. Thoroughly rub the stain and wash them. If necessary, repeat the procedure.


Method 5.
For light of things try to usebleach. To start, soak item in bleach (the dilution according to package directions) for the night. According to the instructions you need to soak the thing only ten to twenty minutes, so keep in mind that the strength of the fabric after this procedure will decrease significantly. But if you really want to wash some white thing, risk and use this method. In the morning wash the thing and a good rinse.


Method 6.
Try to wash things by means such as Vanish or Udalux. They will save the thing on which spot just planted, but with old grease spots are unlikely to be able to cope.

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