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Sweat stains - one of the most stubborn stains

Every woman has repeatedly faced with such a problem, how to wash the sweat stains from clothes and do not damage the structure of the tissue. Sweat stains? one of the most stubborn stains.

In addition, some products require special care.

You will need

  • Vinegar, water, salt, hypo, ammonia, borax, benzene, acetone, quality stain remover



A universal method? is to prepare a solution. One tablespoon of vinegar to dissolve in a glass of water. The resulting liquid pour on the stain. We perform this procedure you need to dry clothes. Pour on the stain, leave for an hour, then wash the usual way. No stains, no smell of sweat will be left on clothing.


Fresh sweat stains can be removed with yourIroning using the following solution. One tablespoon of salt is dissolved in a glass of water and wipe the problem areas. Also suitable hyposulphite solution. One teaspoon of hyposulfite add a glass of water and do the same thing. If you need to remove sweat stains from white cotton or linen clothes, the best in the solution of salt to add a teaspoon of liquid ammonia, and a teaspoon of borax, apply on the stain, then rinse with water. Remove the stain with a woolen items can be using gasoline or acetone.


In a great number of stores of goods, which witheasily cope with sweat stains. Buy a high-quality stain remover, pour it on the problem area, leave for a while, then, to achieve better results, boil your thing.

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