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HOW to wash off the paint with white

How to wash off the paint with white

If the fabric has got the paint, do not rush to throw the thing.

Depending on the type of paint, stain white clothes chosen substance that it is fully able to clear.

You will need

  • Acetone, thinner, benzene, ammonia,rubbing alcohol, paper towels, dish detergent, makeup remover, hydrogen peroxide, stain remover, laundry detergent, fabric softener.



Try to remove the stain from the decorative(Masking) with acetone paint. To do this, placing it on a clean cloth in several layers. Dampen another cloth or cotton swab in acetone. Clean the spot with its edges, moving to the middle. If acetone "does not take" a spot of paint, try to cleanse the other two substances - a solvent or gasoline to choose from. Proceed in the same manner as in removing stains acetone.


The spots of ink, ink and paints children removedusing ammonia or an ordinary medical. If the white fabric is too thin, such as silk, dilute the alcohol, or another type of hydrogen peroxide in a ratio of 1: 1. Get a mixture of clean ink stains.


Watercolor, gouache, water-based well-off with cold water. The spots obtained by drawing on fabric or felt-tip marker, eliminate alcohol solution or alcohol.


If white fabric formed from the red spotslipstick - wash it in soapy warm solution of dish detergent, then after removing stains a thing should be thoroughly rinsed in warm water.


Fresh stains from color cosmetics, such as mascara, foundation, with white clothes clean cotton swab soaked in the lotion for removing make-up or in a colorless tonic containing alcohol.


A dirty white cloth nail polish,sheet under the bottom spot dry paper towel, rub the stain with cotton wool soaked in acetone. Once the nail goes on a napkin, immediately replace it with a new one, and continue cleaning.


In that case, if the paint with clothing was gone, but there was hardly noticeable stain on it, apply to this place stain remover and clean the remains of stains with it.

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