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How to wash a lipstick


How to wash a lipstick</a>

Lipstick stains can accidentally get on clothes. But do not get upset and throw out your favorite blouse.

Such spots can be deduced with the help of simple folk remedies.



With silk and woolen fabrics, lipstick stains are effectively removed with alcohol. Wet a cotton swab in the liquid and gently rub the area of ​​contamination.


Ammonia alcohol when removing stains is necessaryUse carefully, on stained tissues it leaves stains. & Nbsp-To remove impurities from white fabrics, prepare a solution. Mix ammonia with water. Dampen with a cotton swab and wipe the stain until it disappears.


With a white cloth stain from a lipstick, you canOutput as follows. Pull the tissue section with dirt on the glass jar. Pour a borax onto the stain and apply hydrogen peroxide. Then wash in a warm soapy solution and rinse thoroughly in running water.


A mixture of turpentine and ether stains from lipstickEffectively removed from colored fabrics. & Nbsp-Take the drugs in equal amounts. Apply the solution to the contaminated area. Gently rub until the stain disappears. If necessary, repeat the procedure.


Place the cloth on a flat,Side up and under the stain, place a paper towel. Moisten contamination with a cotton swab moistened with refined gasoline or alcohol. As the water gets wet, change the substrate.


Apply a little dentalPasta. Gently rub the stain from the lipstick until it completely disappears. & Nbsp-Before using, carefully read the information on the packaging. The toothpaste should not contain bleaching agents if the fabric is colored. After cleansing, wash the item in a warm soapy solution and rinse with running water.


Apply to a dirty place a littleStain remover. Leave it for a while, then gently rub it. Wash the item in warm soapy water. & Nbsp-For colored things, choose a product without the effect of whitening.

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