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How to wash leather gloves

How to wash leather gloves

Many housewives are asking, "How to wash leather gloves?". And whether it is possible in principle to do so?

Of course, it is possible, but this should be done with special care.

Wash leather gloves should be only in the case if other methods of treatment are no longer able to cope with the existing pollution on them.



Gloves in the water can not be lowered completely. It should be very carefully wipe each glove individually wet cotton swab or a piece of flannel fabric, which is lathered with mild soap (ideally suitable "Children" soap). Then you need to gently rub the glove several times as long as with the surface of the glove is completely wash off the soap solution (of course, a cotton ball or a piece of flannel will have to rinse with clean water several times). Water should be necessarily warm. If it really happened, that you are fully leather glove dipped into the water after washing should be as gently as possible to press the water out of the fingers (avoid twisting).


In order to separate the sticky surfaceGloves should be carefully flattened gloves (in this case it is possible to resort to a vacuum cleaner, but a tube inserted into the hole on blowing). Then, after this procedure, hang the gloves well away from heaters and direct sunlight.


When your leather gloves dry, carefullymash them so that they become soft and acquired its original shape. Put gloves on your hands and thoroughly clean them the same flannel cloth, but dry, but it is best with a sponge, which is impregnated with a special composition for the care of leather.

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