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How to wash kitchen towels from stains?

How to wash kitchen towels from stains?

Every housewife knows how to quickly get dirty tea towels, cotton napkins and tablecloths.

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Very dirty kitchen towels and napkinsYou can wash out the old fashioned way, which, however, does not know everything. It is necessary to boil a bucket of water, add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons of simple dry bleach (any - "Swan", "Boss" or some other), 1 cup of washing powder and omit to dry towels. After the water cools, towels need to rinse. They will clean and dirty, greasy stains or traces of tea and coffee will go.


Annoying stains from fruit on white cloth - can beto wash in warm water, pre-soaped spots shampoo for hair. In this way, removes stains even from mulberry and cherry. Grease stains with a white cloth can be rubbed with chalk, and after some time to clear the brush chalk. Good output greasy stains solution of ammonia and water (1: 2). You can also drop a dishwashing detergent and leave for 5 minutes, then rub and rinse with clean water.


Stains from tea and coffee are the moststubborn. They can be derived using ammonia and water solution (1: 1), sprinkling the mixture stained sections. Output stains from coffee and tea can also use glycerol and sodium chloride. It is necessary to make a paste of glycerine and salt and rub it stained the place, and then leave the table linen for 1-2 hours. Divorce becomes discolored, spots will go. Thereafter, towels, tablecloths and napkins can be subjected to a conventional washing.


Stains from red wine, you must firsthandle. Stains from spilled wine just need to spread gruel of water and salt and rub. Do not immerse the soiled linen wine immediately into hot water because contaminated sites might change the color, and to wash them will be much harder. Old stains can be treated with ammonia, hydrogen peroxide or citric acid, to give the laundry a little "lie down", and then - wash conventional manner.


A great tool for removing dirt, grease andspots is ordinary soap. And if it has a bleaching effect, the result will be even better. Using soap removes almost any grease stains. For laundry soap should be wet thing and a good rub with soap and water, then leave the laundry wet until morning. And in the morning can be subjected to a conventional washing things - spots go away, the mud will not.

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