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How to wash coat

How to wash coat

Winter things need to be cleaned or washed before they are removed saving storage. It is undesirable to carry out wet cleaning expensive products - they can spoil.

And if your coat is very dirty, it is not nothing left, how to wash the product.

If Active dry cleaning is not included in your plans, you can proceed with the process responsible.



Things made of natural fur, it is desirable to washmanually, so the chance to spoil them is minimal. Only use liquid detergent for washing delicate things. Pour into a large container with warm water and add the powder, dip the product in water for 5-15 minutes, rub the fur can not be. Rinse thoroughly coat and hang it on a hanger. As the dry shake fur and comb, otherwise it will dry unevenly and will vzdyblivatsya places.


The artificial fur can be washed in the washingmachine, well, of course, if she did not break things before. If the machine has a problem, do not experiment, the coat may be irretrievably spoiled. When washing in the machine, wrap fur coat in the pillowcase and put a delicate wash cycle at 30 degrees and a spin speed of 500-600 per minute. During dry and comb the fur, and shake the product.


If you decide to wash in the washing machine full fur coat, Turn it to the left side and place thepillowcase or a bag for washing. But there is no guarantee that the fur does not come out after a long contact with water. This extreme measure is used for washing very dirty white coats and dark things are better cleaned and the fur will be more whole, and pollution is not as noticeable in the dark.

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