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How to wash coat

How to wash coat

Coats? almost indispensable thing almost every human being.

The coat is made of different materials? suede, cashmere, drape?

How to keep their coats clean and what to do if it is stained or it simply lost its freshness?



First, carefully inspect your coat? if inside he has taped pieces, wash it in water in any case you can not? Only carefully cleaned with a soft slightly damp brush, airing in the fresh air and dry. Gently but thoroughly Clean the cuff and collar, as well as all the wrinkles? on them often collects dirt and dust.


If you have found a few on his coatspots? Do not despair, even if it can not be completely erased. Prepare a soap solution (but soap measure, as fully and rinse well the thing will not work, and can remain divorces), a soft sponge or brush and gently, without rubbing, wet stain. Leave it for a few minutes and gently rub the place. Then abundantly moisten the sponge with clean cool water and remove soap residue. Repeat this procedure several times to as carefully as possible to wash off the foam and prevent the formation of streaks. Now flatten this place, shake the coat and leave to dry.


If your coat can be washed (and that is,It just seams without termoprokleek and the fabric itself is dense enough), you can very, very carefully wash the thing. Type in a large bowl or tub of cold water, add to the soft powder for delicate fabrics, or even better? special liquid detergent, dip to coat, let it sit for a few minutes and treat the above-described manner spots. Rinse thing you need a little warm water in large quantities, without twisting or pressing it. After washing the coat is left to drain, why hang on a hanger, straighten and left to dry in a space with a lot of air. In no case do not use the power saving mode even wash in the washing machine? shape your coat back will not be possible.

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