How to wash a coat

How to wash a coat</a>

Coat? Almost irreplaceable subject of almost every person.

Are the coats made of different materials? Suede, cashmere, drape?

How to keep your coat clean and what to do if a stain appeared on it or it simply lost its freshness?



First, carefully inspect your coat? If there are glued parts inside it, then it is in no way impossible to wash it in water? Only gently clean with a soft slightly damp brush, air in the fresh air and dry. Carefully, but carefully, you should clean the cuffs and the gate, as well as all the folds available? It is on them most often collected dirt and dust.


If you find on your coat severalSpots? Do not despair, even if you can not completely erase it. Prepare a soapy solution (but moderately soapy, as it will not work out completely and well, and there may be stains), a soft sponge or a brush and gently, without rubbing, stain the stain. Leave it for a few minutes and gently rub this place. Then abundantly moisten the sponge with clean cool water and remove the remnants of soap. Do this procedure several times to thoroughly wash off the foam and prevent the formation of divorces. Now smooth this place, shake your coat and leave to dry.


If you can wash your coat (and that is onIt only seams without thermoproics and the fabric itself is dense enough), then you can very, very carefully wash the thing. Type in a large basin or a tub of cool water, add there a soft powder for delicate fabrics, or even better? A special liquid detergent, lower the coat there, leave it for a few minutes and process the spots described above. Rinse the thing with a little warm water in large quantities, without twisting or squeezing it. After washing, the coats are left to drain, why hang on the hangers, straighten and leave to dry in space with a lot of air. Do not use even gentle washing in the washing machine? The shape of your coat will not be returned.

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