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How to wash clothes

Proper washing will prolong the life of your things

In order to serve you for many a thing, her need to take care of properly.

One of the most important elements of the care of clothing is washable.

Even one wrong washing could be disastrous for things.



Wash items begins with sorting. sorting type depends on the type of laundry and the degree of its contamination. Dark should be separated from the white, adult from child, working clothes of bed linen, machine washable on what can only be washed by hand. Special attention when sorting note on the red stuff. A single red sock capable of irreversibly ruin all bright things, to erase simultaneously. Check with clothing pockets, buttons and zippers, remove, if necessary, the thing inside out. For most things usually attached tag with the recommended washing mode, navigate to these recommendations is highly desirable. Examine the underwear for the presence of stains. It is only in the advertising they disappear in an instant, like a fairy tale, in life you need to remove them, at least, soaking in a special solution.

Some things to laundry require additional soaking


If you wash in the washing machine, pleaseparticular attention to exhibit mode and temperature. High temperatures suitable for white things made of cotton, but for color products, as well as for the things of synthetic fibers heat can be fatal. Particular care in selecting the temperature is to show when things are prone to moult. For them, the better to take water or cool or slightly warm.

When machine washing important to choose the right mode


So, load the laundry into the washing machine,add detergent specifically designed for this slot, select the mode and the temperature, press the? Start ?. Use-rinse conditioner depends on your preferences and characteristics of representatives of your family. If a family member is a newborn baby or have allergies, it is better instead of air conditioning included in the rinse cycle of the additional mode. All the small things better lay down before downloading to a special closing net. This saves both the things themselves, as well as a washing machine, it is known that bone is left out of the bra may fall into the drum and cause serious damage. Wash things immediately hang to dry, do not let them lie around in the car for a long time, the consequences of such a storage as a musty smell or mold will be very difficult to eliminate.

Drying in the open air will fill the freshness of linen


Particularly thin and delicate items such as silkunderwear, knitted fabrics, elastic corset, etc. you must wash your hands. Do not rub with things, and gently squeeze their hands. The water should be comfortably warm, and it is better to use a special liquid detergents for hand washing, the powder is easier to dissolve in water. Never squeeze the soft stuff hard, press them lightly or just let the water drain out. For drying, you can use a standard dryer, and a flat surface on which the object is spread to prevent stretching. Properly washed and dried thing will keep for a long time its original appearance.

Not all things can be washed in a washing machine

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