How to wash clothes

Proper washing will prolong the life of your things</a>

In order for a thing to last you a long time, you need to take care of it properly.

One of the most important elements of clothing care is laundry.

Even one wrong wash can be fatal for a thing.



Washing things begins with their sorting. Type of sorting depends on the type of laundry and the degree of its contamination. The dark must be separated from the white, grown up from children's, working clothes from bed linen, machine wash from the fact that you can only wash your hands. Pay special attention to red things when sorting. A single red sock is capable of irrevocably ruining all the light things that were erased simultaneously with it. Check the clothes for all pockets, button up buttons and zippers, turn out, if necessary, a thing inside out. The tag with the recommended washing schedule is usually attached to most things, it is very desirable to be guided by these recommendations. Inspect the laundry for stains. It's only in advertising that they disappear in the blink of an eye, like in a fairy tale, in life, at least, soaking in a special solution will be required to remove them.

Some things before washing require additional soaking


If you are washing in a washing machine,Special attention is paid to the mode to be set and the temperature. The high temperature is suitable for white things made of cotton, but for colored products, as well as for things made of man-made fibers, high temperatures can be disastrous. Particular care should be taken when choosing the temperature for things that are prone to molting. It is better for them to take water either cool or slightly warm.

When machine washing, the main thing is to select the correct mode


So, load the laundry in the washing machine,Add the detergent to the dedicated compartment, select the mode and temperature, press the? Start? Button. Use of conditioner-conditioner depends on your preferences and features of representatives of your family. If one of the family members is a newborn baby or an allergic person, it is better to include an additional rinse cycle instead of an air conditioner. All small things before loading it is better to fold in a special closing grid. This saves both the things themselves and the washing machine, because it is known that the bone dropped from the bra can fall into the drum and cause a serious breakdown. Wash items immediately hang out, do not let them lie in the car for a long time, the consequences of such storage in the form of musty smell or even mold will be very difficult to eliminate.

Drying in fresh air will fill the laundry with freshness


Particularly delicate and delicate things, such as silkUnderwear, knitwear, elastic corsets, etc. Must be washed with hands. Do not rub things with them, but gently squeeze them with your hands. The water should be pleasantly warm, and it is better to use special liquid detergents for hand washing, easier to dissolve in water. Never squeeze gentle things with all their might, squeeze them lightly or let the water just drain. For drying, you can use both a standard dryer and an even surface on which the thing spreads to avoid stretching. A properly washed and dried thing will retain its original appearance for a very long time.

Not all things can be washed in the washing machine

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