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How to wash by hand

Some things can only be washed by hand

Washing machine in our time is almostEach apartment, but many women still have to wash by hand. Cars sometimes break in some houses they do not, and some things are so delicate that even the most gentle native mode can spoil them.

And then it comes time to get the mistress out of the bath basin for hand washing.

You will need

  • - dirty laundry
  • - pelvis
  • - Warm water
  • - Washing powder



Before washing sortis dirty underwear. Light things should be washed before dark, very dirty laundry after less dirty, clothes with stubborn spots set aside for further processing. Heat the water to 40 degrees, pour it into a bowl. Measure the necessary amount of detergent is dissolved in water. Things can be lowered into the water only when it no longer swim white grains. The undissolved powder can be compressed into the seams of the product and leave it white stains.


Do not start right away to rub things, leave them inwater for a while. The dirty laundry, the longer it will have to be soaked. Do not forget to periodically stir the contents of the pelvis. After 5-10 minutes or a few hours (depending on the degree of pollution) check items. Rub your hands are contaminated places, you can even use a washboard. Thoroughly wring out the laundry.


Prepare the water for rinsing. Rinse things should be at least 2-3 times after hand washing. Thing is considered a good rinse, if the water from which it was taken out, squeaks between your toes. White stuff on the last rinse stage can be slightly Podsinee, adding to the water a special solution from the hardware store.


Held at sorting things with spots, tooIt can be washed by hand. Before washing, it is necessary to treat the stain, depending on its origin. If you are having difficulty with the definition of the nature of stains, soak it in a universal stain remover Vanish type. Add Vanish and directly in the pelvis in addition to the powder. Carefully rub the stained item in place. Some stains are removed in hand-washing is much better than in the machine, because in this case is made an immediate impact on them.


The washing and rinse things hang to dry, do not forget to shake well each product. This simple action will right things, and to facilitate their subsequent ironing.

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