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How to wash bar

How to wash a two-corrector

Barcode-corrector - a liquid or dry correction fluid designed to correct errors in any written work.

There bar correctors water, alcohol, based on the emulsion, as well as in the form of ribbons with a dry corrector rollers and solvent based.

If correction fluid onto your clothing, the dirt removal depends on its base.

You will need

  • - Alcohol-containing zhidkosti-
  • - cotton pad-
  • - Soap rastvor-
  • - Washing poroshok-
  • - atseton-
  • - benzin-
  • - White Spirit-
  • - kerosin-
  • - rastvoritel-
  • - nail polish remover.



If you stain your clothes bar corrector onwater-based, then to wash it does not take much. Zamoyte concealer under running water and soap, wash the product in a conventional manner, suitable for this type of tissue.


In order to wash things, stainedbar corrector alcohol-based, conducted a preliminary removal of stains with alcohol, vodka, tonic cologne or alcohol-based. To do this, soak a cotton pad alcohol-containing liquid, wipe the dirt place, wash the thing in the usual way.


Emulsion base corrector bar - a mixture ofalcohol and water. To remove stains, use alcohol-containing liquids. Apply to the stain alcohol, cologne, vodka or other products containing alcohol with a cotton pad, wash the product in the usual way.


The most difficult to remove corrector on the basis ofsolvent. To remove it would have to use aggressive means, which are not suitable for all kinds of fabrics. Use solvent, acetone, mineral spirits, gasoline, kerosene or nail polish remover. Apply any of these funds cotton disc, wipe the stain, leave for 20 minutes, soak the new drive by any means, again, wipe the place of contamination, wash the product.


If you are stained by a proofreadersolvent, silk, wool, acetate, velvet stuff, then give them to the dry cleaners or stick to the dirt area of ​​application, since these tissues can not use aggressive substances, or dirt instead you get burnt spot.


To remove the equalizer bar with tape roll,soak the cloth in warm water with soap and water for 30-40 minutes, press, remove the correcting tape, wash the thing in a conventional manner, suitable for this type of tissue.

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