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How to wash a stroke


How to wash a barcoder</a>

Bar-proofreader is a liquid or dry correction fluid designed to correct errors in any written work.

There are bar-proofers on water, alcohol, emulsion basis, as well as in rolls of rollers with a dry proof-reader and on the basis of a solvent.

If the corrective liquid has got on the clothes, the removal of contamination depends on its base.

You will need

  • - alcohol-containing liquids-
  • - cotton pad-
  • - soap solution-
  • - Washing powder-
  • - acetone-
  • - gasoline-
  • - White Spirit-
  • - kerosene-
  • - solvent-
  • - nail polish remover.



If you dirty your clothes with a barcode readerWater, then wash it will not be a big deal. Wash the corrector under running water with soap, wash the product in the usual way, suitable for this type of fabric.


To wash things dirtyBar-corrector on an alcohol basis, conduct a preliminary removal of stains with alcohol, vodka, cologne or an alcohol-based tonic. To do this, moisten the cotton wool with alcohol-containing liquid, wipe the contamination sites, wash the thing in the usual way.


The emulsion base of the bar-proofreader is a mixtureAlcohol and water. Use alcohol-containing liquids to remove contaminants. Spread alcohol, cologne, vodka or other products containing alcohol on a stain with a cotton pad, wash the product in the usual way.


The most difficult to remove the corrector based onSolvent. To remove it, you have to use aggressive tools that do not work for all types of tissues. Use a solvent, acetone, white spirit, gasoline, kerosene or a nail polish remover. Apply any of these tools to the cotton pad, wipe the stain, leave for 20 minutes, moisten the new disc with any means, wipe the dirt again, wash the product.


If you are dirty with a proofreader based onSolvent, silk, woolen, acetate, velvet things, then give them to a dry clean or apply contamination to the place of contamination, since aggressive substances can not be used on these fabrics, otherwise you will get a burnt stain instead of contamination.


To remove the bar-corrector with the tape roller,Soak the cloth in warm water with a soapy solution for 30-40 minutes, wring out, remove the corrective tape, wash the thing in the usual way suitable for this type of fabric.

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